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What are used to ensure clean and smooth distribution of power? They absorb spike and regulate sags.
Power line conditioners or voltage regulators
What causes disturbance to the flow of electric power while it travels across power line? Interrupted by things that create radio waves like flourescent lighting
Radio frequency interference (RFI)
What is the presence of electrical radiation in the system that interferes with distribution of clean power?
What are the two types of EMI?
Common Mode noise - the generation of radiation due to charge differences between the hot and ground wires (hint: common - ground)

Traverse Mode Noise - the generation of radiation due to charge differences between the hot and neutral wires 
What is the Momentary loss of power?
What is the complete loss of power?
What is the Momentary low voltage?
What is the Prolonged low voltage?
What is the Momentary high voltage?
What is prolonged high voltage?
What is an initial surge of power?
What is steady interference?
What is a short duration of line noise?
What is Non-fluctuating power?
What do you call it if power is disrupted, doors default to being unlocked?
Fail Safe
What do you call it if in a power disruption, door default to being locked?
Fail Secure
What are the high level types of fire suppression?
1. Heat sensing – detects one of two things:
* Temperature reaches specified level (less false positives)
* Temperature rises quickly

2. Flame Actuated – fairly expensive
* Sense infrared energy of flame or pulsation of the flame

3. Smoke Actuated – two types
* Photoelectric devices triggered by variation in light hitting photoelectric cells
* Radioactive device goes off when ionization current is created by radioactive reaction to smoke
What is a Class A Fire?
Type of Fire
Elements of Fire
Supression Method
Common combustibles

Wood products, paper laminates

Water, foam
What is a Class B Fire?
Type of Fire
Elements of Fire
Supression Method

Petroleum products and coolants

Gas, CO2, foam, dry powders
What is a Class C Fire?
Type of Fire
Elements of Fire
Supression Method

Electrical equipment and wires

Gas, CO2, dry powders
What is a Class D Fire?
Type of Fire
Elements of Fire
Supression Method
Combustible metals

Magnesium, sodium, potassium

Dry powder
How does water supress a fire?
suppresses temperature required to sustain fire
How does soda ash supress a fire?
suppressed the fuel
How does CO2 supress a fire?
Suppresses the oxygen
How does Halon supress a fire?
suppresses through chemical reaction that kills the fire
Describe a wet pipe sprinkler.
Sprinkler always contain water
At 165 F - fusible link in nozzle melts
Most reliable
Subject to leaking and freezing
Describe a dry pipe sprinkler
No water standing in the pipe
Air is blown out and water is released
Time delay can allow systems to power down
Describe a deluge sprinkler
Dry pipe system
Large Volume of Water
Not good for computer equipment
Describe a preaction sprinkler
Most recommended for computer room
Combines wet and dry
Charges pipe when heat is detected
Releases water when fusible link in nozzle melts
What is a warded lock?
basic padlock - hanging lock with a key
Describe a tumbler lock
Contains more pieces than a ward lock. cylinder slot
What is a grade 1 lock used for?
Commercial and industrial use
What is a grade 2 lock used for?
Heavy duty residential and light duty commercial
What is a grade 3 lock used for?
Residential/ consumer expendable
What is a Class I gate used for?
Residential use
What is a Class II gate used for?
Commercial use where general public is expected
What is a Class III gate used for?
Industrial use - where access is expected like a warehouse
What is a Class IV gate used for?
Restricted access. Includes prisons
In CCTV, what does short focal length give?
wide angle view
In CCTV, what does the iris control?
amount of light the camera receives
Describe a photoelectric sensor (alarm)
Receive beam of light from light emitter
Can be visible light, white light or infrared
Alarm sounds if beam is broken
Can be avoided if seen
Invisible Infrared is often used
Employing substitute light source can fool sensor
Describe a dry contact switches (alarm)
Most common
Metallic foil tape on windows and doors
Easy and cheap
Describe 3 kinds of motion detectors.
Wave Pattern
* Generate frequency wave pattern
* Sound alarm if disturbed
* Can be low frequency, ultrasonic, or microwave
* Monitor electrical field surrounding object
* Spot protections within a few inches of the object
* Not for entire room
* Penetration of field changes capacitance
Audio Detectors
* Passive, no generation of fields
* Simply monitor room for abnormal noise
* High number of false positives
What are the recommendations for humidity levels?
What are the recommendations for temperature levels?
70-74 degrees 21-23 C
At what point does heat damage Computer hardware?
175F (80c)
At what point does heat damage Magnetic Storage?
100F (37c)
At what point does heat damage paper?
350 (176c)
Behavior based systems are also know as....?
Profile based