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A frame
Computer messages are encapsulated in what when they are transmitted?
Address of the destination
Address of the host
A frame provides what information?
Size restrictions of frames require the source host to break a long message into individual pieces that meet both the minimum and maximum size requirement. This is known as what?
Access method
Flow control
Response timeout
What are the timing rules that govern how messages are sent?
Access method
Which timing method determines when someone is able to send a message so that two parties do not have a collision when a message is sent at the same time?
What term describes when all hosts on the network need to receive the message at the same time?
Protocol suite
What is a group of inter-related protocols necessary to perform a communication function known as?
Protocol stack
What term refers to how individual protocols within a suite are implemented and viewed in terms of layers, with each level service depending on the functionality defined by the protocols in the lower levels?
HTTP - hypertext transfer protocol
What application protocol governs the way a web server and web client interacts and defines the content and formatting of the requests and responses that are exchanged?
TCP - Transmission control protocol
What protocol divides messages into smaller pieces called segments and controls the size and rate at which messages are exchanged?
This protocol is responsible for taking the formatted segments from TCP, encapsulating them into packets, assigning them the appropriate addresses, and delivering them across the best path to the distination?
What protocols are part of the TCP/IP suite?
Open standard
The TCP/IP suite is part of what standard that is available to the public and any vendor to use freely?
The use of what in developing and implementing protocols ensures that products from different manufactures can interoperate successfully.
These types of protocols are vender controlled and permission must be given from the owner before they can be used.
Apple Talk
Novell Netware
What are some examples of proprietary protocols?
IP suite
What protocol suite is used for transmitting and receiving information using the internet?
ISOC - Internet society
What standards organization facilitates the open development of standards and protocols for the technical infrastructure of the Internet
IAB - Internet architecture board
What standards organization is responsible for the overall management and development of Internet standards, provides oversight of the architecture for protocols and procedures used by the Internet?
IETF - Internet engineering task force
What organization is responsible for developing, udating and maintaining Internet and TCP/IP technologies including RFC documents describing protocols, processes, and technologies for the Internet?
Internet Research Task Force (IRTF)
What organization is focused on long-term research related to Internet and TCP/IP protocols, applications, architecture, and technologies?
What organization is best known for its Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) model?
EIA - Electronic Industries Alliance
What organization is best known for its standards related to electrical wiring, connectors, and the 19 inch racks used to mount networking equipment?
TIA - Telecommunications Industry
What industry is responsible for developing communication standards in a variety of areas including radio equipment, cellular towers, Voice over IP, satellite communications and more?
ITU-T - International Telecommunications Union Telecommunication standardization sector
What organization is one of the oldest and defines standards for video compression, IPTV and broadband communications like DSL?
ICANN - Internet corporation for assigned names and numbers
What non-profit organization coordinates IP address allocation, the management of domain names used by DNS, and the protocol identifiers or port numbers used by TCP and UDP?
IANA - Internet assigned numbers authority
What department of ICANN is responsible for overseeing and managing IP address allocation, domain name management and protocol identifiers for ICANN?
Physical layer
Which layer of the OSI model describes the mechanical, electrical, functional, and procedural means to activate, maintain, and de-activate physical-connections for bit transmission to and from a network device?
Data link
What layer of the OSI model describes methods for exchanging data frames between devices?
Network layer
What layer of the OSI model provides services to exchanged the individual pieces of data over the network between identified end devices?
Transport layer
What layer of the OSI model defines services to segment, transfer, and reassemble the data for individual communication between the end devices?
Session layer
What layer of the OSI model provides services to the presentation layer to organize its dialogue and manage data exchange?
Presentation layer
What layer of the OSI model provides for common representation of the data transferred between application layer services?
Application layer
What layer of the OSI model provides the means for end-to-end connectivity between individuals in the human network using data networks?
Network Access
What layer of the TCP/IP model controls the hardware devices and media that make up the network?
Internet layer
What layer of the TCP/IP model determines the best path through the network?
Transport layer
What layer of the TCP/IP model supports communication between diverse devices across diverse networks?
Application layer
What layer of the TCP/IP model represents data to the user, plus encoding and dialog control?
What is the process of dividing data into smaller more manageable pieces to send over a network?
By segmenting data over a network, many different conversations can be interleaved on the network. This process is know as what
As application data is passed down the protocol stack on its way to be transmitted across the network media, various protocols add information to it at each level. This is known as what?
PDU - Protocol data unit
What term describes the form that a piece of data takes at any layer as it is encapsulated?
What is the term for encapsulated data at the application layer?
What is the term for encapsulated data at the transport layer?
What is the term for encapsulated data at the Internet layer?
What is the term for encapsulated data at the network access layer?
What is the term for data as it is transmitted over the physical wire medium?
A header
When data is traveling down the stack and encapsulated and segmented at the TCP layer what is added to it?
IP header
Source and destination IP addresses
When a segmented PDU is traveling down the stack, what is added to it at the internet layer?
Frame header
When a packet is traveling down the stack, what is added to it at the network access layer?
Source and destination physical addresses
What information is contained within the frame header?
error checking information
What is contained within the frame trailer?