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ab-horreō uī, —, ēre,
shrink back from, have an aversion for, shudder at, abhor
nēquam adj.
worthless, good for nothing
assĭdŭus,a, um, adj. from assideo
constantly, continuous, w/o interruption
in succession, successively, in turn, after that
studeo + dt
support, favor, be partisan of, throw in w/ politically
integer, ra, rum
untouched, untried; intact, whole; moral, upright
conrōborō (1)
strengthen, reinforce; here: + se = grow up, mature
adumbrō āvī, ātus, āre
to sketch in shadow, outline, represent vaguely
inlecebra, -ae
enticement, allurement, attraction, charm
flagrō āvī, āturus, āre
to flame, blaze, burn; be ardent or excited
cōn-flō āvī, ātus, āre,
To bring about, effect, accomplish, procure, produce, cause, occasion; to blow up, kindle, light
taeter (tēter) tra, trum,
offensive, repulsive, foul, noisome, shocking, loathsome
inquinō āvī, ātus, āre

inquinātus, a, um
befoul, stain, pollute, defile

dirty, polluted; corrupted, guilty
remissus, a, um
good humored, easy going; lenient, forbearing
ex-stō or extō —, —, āre,
To appear, be extant, exist, be, be found; stand out, stand forth
caterva, -ae
crowd, mass, band, company
re-formīdō ātus, āre
to fear greatly, dread, stand in awe, shrink, shudder, be afraid
dē-lābor lapsus, ī,
fall, sink, slip down, glide down, descend
titubanter (adv)
falteringly, hesitatingly
closely, compactly; briefly superficially
dis-serō ruī, rtus, ere,
argue, discuss, speak; ppl: eloquent, well-spoken,glib, slick-talking
volnus, -eris (n)
wound injury; character flaw, defect; "disability"
incidō cidī, —, ere
fall in/on; befall, happen, occur; To fall upon, attack, assault; huc incidi: "since I've lighted on these topics"
sequester, sequestris (m)
middleman acting as depository or escrow agent; middleman with whom a bribe promised to a 3rd party is deposited
sodālis is, (m)
companion, friend; friendly, companionable; fellow member of fraternal organization (many societies were organized for political bribery and were a big problem in the late empire and were outlawed)
ā-mēns entis, adj.
out of one's senses, mad, frantic,
com-maculō āvī, ātus, āre
stain, pollute, defile
sub-eō iī
draw near, approach; enter
insector, -ari
pursue, prosecute, attack
profecto (adv)
truly, indeed
forēnsis e,
of the market, of the forum (esp. legal business), public, forensic
cōn-scelerō āvī, ātus, āre,
to stain with guilt, pollute, dishonor, disgrace
obsideo, 2, obsedi, obsessum
blockade, beseige, assault
inlustris, -e
full of light, bright; clear, evident
resisto, resistere, restiti
cog, stand still, stop
convenio + dat
be in agreement w/
deformo, (1)
put out of shape, disfigure; disgrace, dishonor
for the sake of, in order to
quod versatur
as usual
(cog)nosco, -ere, novi, -nitum
maeror, maeroris (m)
mourning, grief, sadness
maestitia, -ae
sadness, dejection
luctus, -us
grief, sorrow; expression of mourning, lamentation
coopto, (1)
choose, elect
versūra (vors-) ae, f
a conversion, funding, borrowing to pay a debt
vēnālis, -e
for sale
īnsula ae, f
apartment building; island
ad tempus
suit the occasion (suit his purposes)
sē-migrō āvī, —, āre,
to go away
ob-eō īvī, itus, īre
meet, visit, go to
con-dūcō dūxī, ductus, ere
To hire; gather, unite
utinam adv.
oh that! I wish that! if only! would to heaven! would that!
era, ae
the mistress of a house, mistress, lady
saucius, a, um
wounded, hurt
frētus, a, um
(+ abl) relying on, depending on
prōd-eō iī, itus, īre
come forth, come forward; appear
argūtus, a, um
bright, adroit; clever, smart
rīvolus, a, um
(also rīvulus)
small stream, brook, tributary
laeto , āvi, ātum, 1,
rejoice, feel joy, be joyful, be glad
attrecto (1)
touch; handle roughly, assault
experior pertus, īrī
to put to the test, try, prove, test, experience, endure
openly, publicly, undisguisedly, plainly
secretly, under cover
subministro (1)
supply, furnish
glōriōsus adj.
glorious, famous, renowned; boasting, haughty, conceited,
fungor fūnctus, ī,
(+ abl) perform, execute, do
laedō sī, sus, ere
to hurt, wound, injure, damage
nāvō āvī, ātus, āre
to do zealously, perform diligently, accomplish, effect, prosecute
ultro (adv)
besides, moreover,of their own accord, voluntarily
prōicio, prōicere, prōiēcī, prōiectum
throw, fling forward; throw away, reject
refellō, -ere, -fefelli
refute, rebut, disprove
prō-sum prōfuī, prōdesse
to be useful, be of use, do good, benefit, profit, serve
aspergo, , -ere, aspersi, -sum
besmirch, disgrace, sully; strew, spatter
praevāricātiō ōnis, f
insincerity in pleading, duplicity, collusion
praeditus, a, um
(+ abl) endowed or equipped w/; w/ the advantage of
criminor (1)
accuse, bring charge against, slander
slowly, gradually; gently; imperceptably
lēnis, is, e
smooth, mild, easy, calm
mītis, is, e
sweet, mild, kindly indulgent
prope adv.
near, shortly
pericūndus, a, um
welcome, aggreeable
patruus, -i
father's brother, uncle
obiurgō (1)
scold, castigate, harangue
incontinentia, -ae
self-indulgence, lack of self restraint, wild living
perspicuus, a, um
clear, evident, plain
coitiō, -ōnis (f)
gathering, assembly; political faction,, coalition, conspiracy
nōmen dēferre
to give information against; to initiate a trial/prosecution
some, several
precārius, a, um

obtained by request

by permission, by one's leave
(re)nuō, -ere, -uī
refuse by a motion of the head; decline
ē-mergō sī, sus, ere

cog, bring forth, bring to light, raise up
frux, frūgis (f)
mauturity, virtue, excellence of mind; fruit, crop, grain,
ē-rumpō rūpī, ruptus, ere
burst out, break forth, emit, throw out
labefactō āvī, ātus, āre,
cause to totter, undermine, shake, overthrow; ruin, wreck
ex-prōmō prōmpsī, prōmptus, ere
show forth, discover, exhibit, display
protervitās ātis, f
outrageous conduct, wantonness, pertness,wantonness, impudence
aculeus ī,
a sting, cutting remark
ērigō rēxī, rēctus, ere
to arouse, excite; set up, erect, elevate
vacātiō ōnis, f
freedom, exemption, immunity, dispensation
dē-precor ātus, ārī,
avert by prayer, plead against, beg to escape, seek to avoid
venia ae, f
indulgence, kindness, grace, favor
perfugium ī, n
shelter, asylum, refuge
dī-mittō mīsī, missus, ere,
let go, discharge, dismiss, release; send forth, send about, scatter, distribute
recūsō (1)
make an objection against, decline, reject, refuse, be reluctant to do
iurgium, -i
altercation, dispute, quarrel; abuse
opus est (+ abl)
"there is a need...", "it (gold) is requisite...", "it (gold) is essential"
sollicitō (sōli-) āvī, ātus, āre
disturb, agitate; solicit, urge; incite, urge to evil, inveigle, seduce, stimulate, instigate, provoke, tempt,
dīscidium ī, n
a parting, separation, disagreement, dissension, discord; divorce
secus (adv)
differently, otherwise; poorly, wrongly, badly
patrōnus ī,
protector, defender, patron; defender, advocate, pleader
inimīcitia ae,
enmity, hostility, "bad blood"
muliebris e,
prisce (priscus, a, um)
in an old fashioned way
excitō āvī, ātus, āre,
to call out, summon forth, bring out, wake, rouse
horridus, a, um
shaggy, bristly; dreadful, horrible
suscēnseō or succēnseō suī, —, ēre
(+ dat) be angry at, indignant w/, bear a grudge against
adfinis, is, e
related by marriage: "in-law"
avītus adj.
of a grandfather, ancestral
celebrō āvī, ātus, āre
frequent, throng, crowd, fill
disceptātor ōris, m
an umpire, arbitrator, judge
cōn-fīdō, -ere, fīsus sum
To be confident, be assured; trust, confide, rely upon, believe, be assured
īn-simulō āvī, ātus, āre,
charge, accuse, blame, impeach
red-dō didī, ditus, ere
answer, express, render; To give back, return, restore
cōmissātiō (cōmess-) ōnis, f
a Bacchanalian revel, revelry, carousing
praeceps cipitis, abl. cipitī, adj.
hasty, rash, acting impetuously; headlong; steep, precipitous,
dī-luō uī, ūtus, ere,
make clear, explain, rebut; wash away, dissolve, dilute,
pūsiō ōnis, m
a little boy
cubitō āvī, —, āre,
to lie down often, be accustomed to lie
ex-ōrdior ōrsus, īrī,
start, begin
candor ōris, m
dazzling whiteness, lustre, clearness, radiance, brightness, brilliancy, splendor
prōcēritās ātis, f
parcus, a, um
frugal, thrifty, stingy
tenax, -cis (adj)
cheap, miserly, tight-fisted; grasping, tenacious
dē-vinciō nxī, nctus, ere,
bind fast, tie up, fetter; oblige, lay under obligation
calcitrō —, —, āre
to kick, Fig., to resist, be refractory
condiciō (not conditiō), ōnis, f
A marriage, contract of marriage, match, love affair; an agreement, stipulation, condition, compact, proposition, terms, demand
vicissim adv.
on the other hand, on the contrary, again, in turn, back
cumulō āvī, ātus, āre
to heap, accumulate, pile — To fill full, fill, load, pile, cover:
dīdō, -ere, dīdidī, dīditum
divide, distribute
disiciō, -ere, disiēcī, disiectum
cast asunder, throw in different directions; break up, scatter
egeō uī, —, ēre
be needy, be in want, be poor, need, want, lack, have need
ob-lectō āvī, ātus, āre
Of time: to spend agreeably, fill pleasantly; to delight, entertain, amuse
iactura, -ae
throwing away; loss, squandering, waste
versūra (vors-) ae, f
borrowing to pay a debt
quotus quisque
how many are there who...
germānus adj.
Of brothers and sisters, full, own
foris, -is
re-sarciō —, sartus, īre,
mend again, patch up, repair, restore
expediō īvī, ītus, īre

expedītus, a, um
to extricate, disengage, let loose, set free, liberate

unimpeded, unencumbered
palam (adv)
openly, in public
viduus, a, um
w/o wife/husband; widow/er
protervus, a, um
brash, reckless; forward, shameless, impudent
rōbur oris, n
hard-wood, oak-wood, oak; hardness, Enduring strength, force, vigor
indolēs is, f
an inborn quality, natural quality, nature
continentia, ae
restraint, self control, temperance
aequālis e, adj.
equal, like, even; subst. peers, Of the same age
obs-olēscō lēvī, lētus, ere
go out of style, to wear out, grow old, decay, fall into disuse, lose value, become obsolete
honestus adj.
regarded with honor, respected,Noble, fine,
praecipiō cēpī, ceptus, ere
advise, admonish, warn, inform, instruct, teach, enjoin, direct, bid, order; take beforehand, get in advance, anticipate;
prope adv.
sōpiō īvī, ītus, īre
stun, put to sleep, lull
cōnīveō, cōnīvēre, cōnīvī or cōnīxī
let pass unnoticed, overlook; close the eyes
occasionally, sometimes
lūbricus adj.
slippery, uncertain, hazardous, dangerous
prōlapsiō ōnis, f
a slipping, falling
(con)corrōborō (1)
strengthen, reinforce
sapor ōris, m
a taste, relish, flavor, savor
dē-fervēscō fervī and ferbuī, —, ere,
stop boiling, simmer down, cool down
virgulta, virgultōrum (n)
thicket, brushwood
parcō, -ere, pepercī,
protect, be careful with; refrain from; spare, be merciful
faenus, faenoris (n)
trucīdo (1)
butcher, slaughter; destroy utterly, ruin
incurro, -ere, -i, incursum
invade, attack; rush upon
spoliō āvī, ātus, āre
To rob, plunder, pillage, spoil, deprive, despoil, strip, impoverish; to strip, uncover, bare, unclothe
probrum, ī

ā ē ī ō ū
disgraceful or shameful act; lewdness, unchastity; disgrace, shame
lābēs, lābis (f)
spot, stain, "blot" on one's reputation or honor
intersum, -esse, -fui
be present, be involved or take part in
pāreō, pārēre, pāruī
obey, give way; submit/ yield to (+ dat)
dēspiciō ēxī, ectus, ere
to look down upon; despise, disdain
abiciō or abiiciō, iēcī, iectus, ere
cast away, throw away,
eximius adj.
extraordinary, uncommon, excellent; taken out, excepted, exempt
lustrum ī, n


bog, marshland, haunt; pl: brothel, debauchery
gurges, gurgitis (m)
flood, whirlpool; a glutton; insatiable desire, gluttony
praeditus adj.
endowed w/, provided w/ (+abl)
ob-terō (opt-),-ere, trīvī, obtrītum
crush underfoot, trample; destroy,
dē-sĕro , rŭi, rtum, 3
abandon, leave, forsake
dēlectātiō ōnis, f
delight, pleasure, amusement, satisfaction
dī-micō āvī
fight, struggle, contend
admodum (adv)
very much, altogether, fully, quite
red-oleō uī, —, ēre,
emit scent, diffuse odor, smell of, be redolent of
integumentum, -i
that which covers or protects; cloak, disguise
laetor (1)
rejoice, be delighted
facito (1)
make, act, do, practice
dē-fīniō īvī, ītus, īre,
set bounds to, limit, terminate, define
celebritās ātis, f
frequented, reknown; multitude, throng, crowd
incessus, us
manner of walking, stride, bearing
comitō āvī, ātus, āre

comiātus, us
to accompany, attend, follow

retinue, "posse", attendants
protervus adj.
forward, violent, vehement, shameless, impudent
procāx ācis, adj.
shameless licentious, impudent
praeter-vehor vectus, ī
pass by, drive by
requīrō sīvī, sītus, ere
ask, inquire for, demand; look after, search for
dē-vinciō nxī, nctus, ere,
bind fast, tie up, fetter
prōmō prōmpsī, prōmptus, ere
take out, give out, bring forth, produce
stirps, stirpis (f)
stock, source, origin, foundation
percellō culī, culsus, ere
beat down, throw down, overturn, upset
af-flīgo (better adf- ), ixi, ictum, 3,
dash one thing against another, crush, ruin, destroy