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What is the name of the important North African city in which the Donatists first arose?


What is the name of the third century bishop who was the author of the book the unity of the catholic church?

Cypriot of Carthage

What is the latin name given to christians who collaborated with rome in order to avoid persecution and handed over their books to be burned/destroyed?


What was the name of the Bishop of Carthage who was ordained by Felix?


What is the name of the leader of the breakaway faction of the church opposed to the Bishop Cecilian?


What is the name of the opponents of the Donatists?


As used by the opponents of the donatists and Cyprian, what does the word Catholic mean?


Who was the bishop who ultimately ended the donatist controversy by clarifying the theology of the sacraments?


What distinction did Augustine make in the theology of the sacraments to end the Donatist Controversy?

Divinity comes from the holy spirit and not the person operating it

According to the RC church, how many sacraments are there?


According to the Reformers, how many sacraments?


Why did the Reformers change the number of sacraments from the RCC?

Wasn't authorized by Jesus

What is the Greek word translated Sacramentum in the Vulgate?


What is the name of the Medieval theologian who emphasized the importance of church practice in sacramentology?

Peter Lombard

What is the name of the Reformation theologian who understood communion in terms of memorialism?


Name of the Greek philosopher who made a distinction between the substance and accidence?


Name of the Medieval theologian who offered the Eucharist theory of transubstantiation?

Thomas Aquinas

Name of the Reformation theologian who understood communion in terms of spiritual presence?

John Calvin

Name of the Reformation theologian who understood communion as consubstantiation?

Martin Luther

What is the name of the practical handbook of church practice which was written in the 1st century?


Number of times infant baptism is specifically desribed?


Name of the earliest church theologian who gives us the first clear textual indication of infant baptism?


According to the Roman Catholic church, Martin Luther, and John Calvin, what type of people can be baptized?

Infants, and anyone who have not already been baptized

Name of the Reformation theologian who argued only confessing adults should be baptized?

Meno Simmons

What is the state of being not able to not sin removed through grace and baptism according to Calvin, Luther, and the Roman Catholic Church?

Original Sin

Reason for infant baptism according to Zwingli?

Inclusion in community

Name of the reformation era theologian who said there is no earthly institution of church only in heaven.

Sebastian Frank

What is the majoritve name given to the radical reformers on account of their rebaptizing of adults?


What is the one sign of the church on earth according to Luther?

Anywhere the Gospel is preached and believed

What are the two signs of the church on earth according to Calvin?

Gospel is read and believed, sacraments are performed correctly

3 signs according RCC

Apostolic Succession

Power of Excommunication

Church Discipline

Augustine and Lombard give us 3 criteria

Visible sign of invisible grace

Resemblance of things signified

Authorized by tradition or scripture