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attributes of socialism
Promotion of the interest of the state, and ecomonic stagnation.
assumption of super human, iclyllic bliss.
all goods and services are shared equally.
Puyi (little boy) and the Quing Dynasty,
Emperor Puyi was forced to step down in 1910
Wipe out of communism?
Physical movement of chinese army.
Communists in the Chinese civil war.
Leader- Mao Zedong.
Area Ruled-North China Foreign Support- Soviet Union
Domestic policy-national liberation Public Support-Strong dueto promised land reform
Miliatry Organization- Experienced, motivated, guerrilla army.
Long March
1934 The Communist party led a hazardous 6000 mile journey. Mao lead. they fought amny battles. They kept a step ahead of Jiangs forces and were chased. 10,000-30,000 reached NW china saftly.
The long march
Communist died and froze.
6 attributes for revolution
violence, wide-spread support, propaganda, charasmatic leader, complete change of system, intelligencia led.
2nd phase of land distribution. Private property abolished. Intense pressure to join. You keep flat rate of crops. governmt controlled farm formed by combinding small farms.
Mao Ze dong
The father of communist china, who was responsible for the great leap forward, communist victory, redistribution, and cultural revolution. He marched by his soldiers which gave him authority and widespread popular support.
The younger working class gave mao popular support because of cultural revolution.
wanted to reshape china's economy based on marxist socialism. (haves take advantage of have nots).
Sun Yat-Sen
Charasmatic leader, his coat tailed person was ching-kai shek. Physician who formed a revolutionary alliance that suceeded in overthrowing the Quing dynasty (Pu Yi) "father of modern china. creater of "three principles of the people" handed presidentcy to Yuan Shinkai.
3 preconditions for revolution
Out of touch leader, failing economy, gap between classes.
shanghai massacre
After conquering Shanghai and Nanjing in March, Chiang decided to break with the Wuhan group. On April 12 Chiang launched a swift and brutal attack on thousands of suspected Communists in the area he controlled. He then established his own KMT government in Nanjing, supported by many conservatives
northern expedition
a military campaign to defeat the warlords controlling northern China and unify the country under the KMT
Struggle sesions
A way in wich the chinese communists showed force.
cultural revolution
started 1966. red guards (students who responded to mao's dissaprovment in new economic polices) led this uprising. GOAL- establish a society of peasants and workers which are equal. red guards targeted ANYONE who seemed to have special privilages or resisted the regime. this lead to chaos which closed down factories and threatened farm production. mao stopped revolution, and army dissolved red guards.
"great leap forward"
Mao proclaimed this. called for larger collective farms(communes)this idea grew rapidly. stict controled life. big leap backward for china. poor planning and backyard industries hampered growth. crop failures unleashed a famine that killed approx. 20 mill. people. govrnmt discontinued this program in 1961
China split into into two nations.1)island of taiwan(or nationalist china) 2) mainland (peoples republic of china)after Jiang Jieshi (chiang kai-shek)feld to taiwan, US helped him set up government on the small island.called the republic of china. The chinese and soviets agreed to come to each other's aid in case either were attacked.
Three Principles of the People
Created by Sun yat-sen. 1) nationalism-end to all foreign control. 2)Peoples rights-democracy 3) People's livelihood.(economic security)
Chinese pay back russia
They took a percentage of people's crops to pay back russia, and other countries.
Nationalists in the Chinese
Leader- Jiang Jieshi (Chiang Kai-shek)
Area ruled- S china
Foreign support- US
Domestic Policy-deafeat of Communists
Public Support-weak due to inflationand failing economy
Military Organization- ineffective, corrupt leadership and poor morale.
Chinese Civil War
Between Communist and Nationalists. at first nationalist had the advantage because they outnumbered the communist.(US provided aid 2 bill) although nationalist lost popular support and many nat. soldiers went to the communist side.Communists won
3rd phase of land distribution
-encompased many villages with thousands of families. collecting steal.furnaces to melt metal.
chiang-kai shek
named man of the year in time magazine. Sun yat sen's coat tailed person. dominated SW china. US sent 1.5 billion dollars in aid for his army to fight the japanese. $ ended up in corrupt officers hands. fought japanese army few times. they nationalist army saved its strength for the battle against mao's red army. japanese surrendered and the communist and ntionalists resumed civil war.