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0-8 weeks is embryo 12weeks baby is fully formed

six weeks:

foetus- 0.25in from crown to rump, embryo floats in a fluid filled sac, tiny heart beats, eyes and inner ears begin to form, internat organs,blood,bone muscle and blood vessels begin to develop

women- no visible signs, breasts may be uncomfortable, urinate more frequently, light bleeding may, tiredness and irritability due to hormonal imbalance

week 8:

embryo is now a foetus

foetus- 1in, has heart valves, foetus moves around, arms legs shoulders elbows hips and knees are detectable

spine and neural tube are rapidly developing as do eyes, all major organs are in simplest form

mother- sickness and nausea, weight gain of 0.5-1kg, tender breasts, pain down the back of the legs, slight thickening of waist, takes folic acid till wek 12, fatigue

week 12:

foetus- 2.5in, looks like human, can swim and make fist, heart is beating strong and fast, organs muscles limbs bones and sex organs are well developed, fingers toes and nails begin to grq, head becomes more rounded

mother- foetus can not be felt, hormonal changes- emoptional, constipation, top of uterus can be felt, very tired

week 24:

foetus- 8in, substantial weight gain, may respond to loud noise, face fully formed, lanugo and vernix, bones start to harden, definate periods of sleep and walking, abortion is now illegal

mother- urinate frequently, stretch marks develop, heartburn and shortness of breath, swollen, backache, foetus kicking, weight gain of 4kg, water retention

week 36:

foetus- weight gain of 2.5kg, hair may have grown, vernix and lanugo disappear, testicles develop, excellent chance of survival, head may have dropped into the pelvis,

pregnant- difficulty sleeping, very tired, more stretch marks develop, legs swollen,

multiple pregnancies- uni ovular ( identical) twins:

1. ovaries produce one egg

2. one egg is fertillized and divided to produce two babies

3. share placenta

4. same genes= same gender

binovular (non-identical) twins:

1. ovaries release two eggs at the same time

2. two eggs are fertillized by two different sperm

3. not necessariy same sex

4. seperate placenta and outer membranes

early signs of multiple pregnancies:

1. rapid weight gain

2. excessive urinating and vomiting

3. more obvious symptoms

issues with a multiple pregnancy:

1. more pressure on uterus= premature

2. more antenatal check ups

3. more scans

4. c-section may be necessary