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Systematic identification of needs within a population of the degree to which those needs are being met
Needs Assessment
Data gathered directly from or about the individual or population of interest
Primary data
Data that has already been gathered by others that may or may not be directly fom the individual or population being assessed
Secondary data
Data gathered through direct surveillance of the population
Public meetings
Community forum
Communication among participants who are selected based on specific criteria
Focus group
Represenatives are chosen from the priority population and asked to repond to a questionaire based on specific needs
Nominal group process
Group process that generates consensus by using a series of mailed or e-mailed questionaires
Delphi panel
Instruments that require people to answer questions about their health history, behavior, and screening results
Sources of secondary data
National Center for Health Statistics
United States Census Bureau
United States Department of Health and Human Services
County, city, and state health departments
Health care system
Existing records
Literature (peer-reviewed journals)