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In what direction does air flow in a laminar flow hood?
Sterile air flows from back to front.
How do you insure the sterility of a product while using a laminar flow hood?
Do not put hands or other item between the flow of air and the product. Use alcohol to disinfect entry ports on containers, before pucturing.
What is a SVP?
Small volume parenteral.
What is Geometric dilution?
Mixing a small amount of a potent drug with a greater amount of non-potent or inactive compound.
Describe the technique for sterilizing a laminar flow hood.
Alcohol is poured in a thick layer on the hood surface, wiped down with sterile gauze from back to front, & left wet until it evaporates.
What sterilizing agent should be used to clean a laminar flow hood?
Ethyl alcohol or isopropyl alcohol
What is Levigation?
Dispersing a drug solid in a small amount of mineral oil, glycerin, or other liquid, before incorporating the paste into an ointment.
What type of equiptment is used to manipulate chemotherapy drugs?
biological safety cabinets.
How does a biological safety cabinet differ from a laminar-flow hood?
BSC use a vertical flow of air to prevent the materials being manipulated from blowing onto the technician
Describe the aseptic technique for preventing cross contamination.
Syringes used to dilute or with draw one meication are never used to dilute or withdraw another drug. Materials used in the compounding of one drug must never touch other materials used to prepare another medication.
What kind of syringe/needle should be used when working with chemotherapy drugs?
one with Luer-lock fittings, to minimize the possibility of separation during product preparation.
What is Trituration?
Grinding of a drug solid using a mortar and pestle to reduce the particle size or to mix 2 or more solids.
What protective apparel should be worn when working with chemotherapy drugs?
Two sets of latex gloves, disposable gown, mask, plastic face shield or splash goggles.