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What is a redox reaction ?

A redox reaction is a reaction that involves both oxidation and reduction

What is oxidation ?

Oxidation is the loss of electrons

What is reduction ?

Reduction is the gain of electrons

What is an oxidising agent ?

An oxidisng agent is a species that oxidises another species. It therefore gains electrons. So it is reduced

What is a reducing agent ?

A reducing agent is a species that reduces another species. It therefore loses electrons. So it is oxidised

What are oxidation numbers ?

Oxidation numbers are the charge that an ion or has or the charge it would have if the species were fully ionic

What is the oxidation number of fluorine ?


What is the oxidation number of hydrogen and what exceptions are there ?

+1 except when it is with less electromagnetic elements (it is then -1)

What is the oxidation number of oxygen and what are the exceptions ?

-2 except when in peroxide (-1) and with fluorine (+ve)

What is happening if an elements oxidation number increases ?

It is being oxidised

What is happening if an elements oxidation number decreases?

It is being reduced

What is disproportionation ?

Disproportionation is the simultaneous oxidation and reduction of an element in a single reaction

How do you balance a full equation when combining 2 ionic half equations?

You can multiple one or both of the equations so that there is an even number of electrons on the left and right side of the equation

If there are h+ ions on both sides of a full equation what do u do ?

Cancel until they only exist on one side