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radioactive elements with atomic numbers from 90-103
The actinides
Which two periods have the same number of elements
4 and 5
Elements to the right side of the periodic table (p block elements) have properties most associated with
Group 14 elements in the sixth period that have occupied 4f orbitals are the
Elements at the top of the table, compared with those at the bottom,
are less metallic
Periods with occupied f sublevels
are not assigned group numbers
the most reactive group of the nonmetals are the
The force of attraction by Group 1 metals for their valence electrons is
Group 2 elements, the valence electrons are in the
s sublevel
Number of valence electrons in Group 17 elements is
In Groups 13-18 valence electrons may be in sublevels
s and p
First electrons to be removed when d-block elements form ions are the
s electrons