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A bottle of perfume is capped. When the cap is taken off the bottle the perfume molecules...
leave the bottle at rates dependent on their masses
Another name for the Kelvin temperature scale is the...
absolute scale
The SI unit for energy is...
A watt is a...
power unit
Which physical state has the greatest entropy?
The fact that a refrigerator requires energy to move heat from a colder space to a hotter space is a real life observation of the...
first law of thermodynamics
The fact that a refrigerator organizes temperature gradients is a real life observation of which law of thermodynamics?
second law of thermodynamics
The fact that a refrigerator is not capable of achieving OK is which law of thermodynamics?
third law of thermodynamics
Example of something that does not result in an increase of entropy.
student cleaning his dorm room
An endothermic system must cause a BLANK in energy for the system's surroundings.
Who derived an equation describing the competition or balance between entropy and enthalpy?
The decomposition of hydrogen peroxide was accomplished rapidly in class because your professor...
added KI to the mixture in the cylinder which catalyzed the reaction
used concentrated reagent grade H202 instead of the store bought stuff
The presence of H202 on an open wound prevents...
anaerobic bacteria
For most uses, energy is most conveniently delivered...
The rate of energy output or input is...
Water's heat capacity is...
unusually large for a molecule of that size
Compared to water, silvers heat capacity is...
What unit is typically used for nutritional measurements?
What is the most common type of semiconductor found in photovoltaic cells?