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What are the 4 Organic Category

Carbs, Lipids, Protein, and Nucleic Acids.

What are the second Names for the organic category

Monosaccharide, Fatty Acids, Amino Acids, Nucleic tides

Na/K Pump

Helps make Protein, 2/3 come from Oxygen you breathe, 3 Na come out and 2 K come in

Non Polar Covalent Bond

Where Two Elements Share an Electron to complete a Shell

Polar Covalent Bond

Where Two or more Elements come together to make a complete shell, however the Electron will Spend more time with one element instead of the other

What is Ionic Bond?

Where Two Elements come and exchange an Electron, however they end up Together and can not seperate

Organelles and what they do?

Plasma membrane=skin



Mitochondria=power plant(ATP)

Cytoplasm=watery juice

Organs and what they do?

Spleen=blood filter and fights bacteria

Kidney=extract waste

Heart=pumps blood

Pancreas=helps digestion

Lungs=gas exchange

4 quandaries


Appendix/sigmoid colon