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What is the Crust?

A thin outer layer of solid rock

What is the Lithosphere? Properties?
Includes crust and upper part of mantle.
Made up of tectonic plates
Relatively cold and rigid
What is the mantle?
Near the crust = rigid
Deeper = flow slowly and less rigid and temp. increases
What is the core?
Inner core = solid
Outer core = liquid
What does radioactive decay cause in the mantle?
Convection currents which causes plates to move
What are tectonic plates?
Float on mantle
Move 2.5cm per year
Volcanoes and earthquakes often occur where plates meet
What are used to study the structure of the Earth?
Seismic waves
What are seismic waves used for?
To study the structure of the earth
How are seismic waves used to study the earth?
Measuring the time takes for waves to travel through earth and where they're detected.
P–waves = through liquid and solid
S–waves = only in solids
What causes seismic waves?
Earthquakes or man made explosions on earth's surface