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What is the meaning of the two in Ethyl alcohol, c2h5OH?

There are two carbon atoms per molecule of ethyl alcohol

Which of the following uses the unit of u or amu ?

More than one response is correct

Determine the molecule weight of a hydrogen peroxide, H2O2, in u or amu


The average of the mass of an ozone molecule is 48.0 u. An ozone molecule contains only alternative. What does this make you wait indicate about the feelings of the molecule?

It is triatomic

Which of the following pairs are about equal in Mass?

Protons and neutrons

Which of the following particles is the smallest?


Which of the following carries a negative charge?


Atoms are neutral. How can they have no charge?

Equal number of protons and electrons

Isotopes differ from each other in what way?

They have different numbers of neutrons in the nucleus

What is the reason that u- 238 is different from u- 235

Three more neutrons

How many neutrons are found in the nucleus of a boron - 11 atom?


What is the mass number of a carbon - 13 atom?


Natural occurring lithium Li consists of only two isotopes, Li- 6 (6.02) and Li - 7(7.02), where are the isotope masses are given in parentheses. Use the periodic table and determine which isotope is present in the larger percentage in the natural element


One avogadros number of iron (fe) ATom would weigh


Which of the following has the largest mass?

6.0 mol c2h2

How many silicon atoms SI are contained in a 12.5 gram sample of silicon


How many moles of oxygen atoms are in one mole of CO2?


Calculate the weight percentage of hydrogen in water


The weight percentage of s in k2so4 is


If you have 3.011x10^23 atoms of carbon, what would you expect its mass to be?

6.005 g

Write the formula for a compound consisting of 3 sodium atoms, 3 phosphorus atoms and four oxygen atoms


What is the molar mass of ba3(PO4)2?

601.92 g/mol

235/92 u is the form of uranium used to make atomic bombs. one atom of this isotope consists of

92 protons, 92 electrons. 143 neutrons

Oxalic acid is found in many plants, like spinach and black tea. What is the mass of carbon found in one mole of oxalic acid, h2C2O4

24.02 g of Ci

You discover a new element which consists of two isotopes period the first isotope, 243x(mass =242.45 u) comprises 40.000% of the total. The second isotope, 243x (mass = 247.11 u) accounts for the rest. What would be the average atomic mass for your new element?