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What is a chemical reaction

The production of a new substances from

existing substances

What are the signs that a chemical reaction has occurred

formation of gas, formation of precipitate,

liberation or absorption of heat, light, or some form of energy and/or distinct change in color

Write a word equation for the hydrogen and oxygen gases producing water

Hydrogen + Oxygen --> Water

Write a chemical symbol equations for hydrogen and oxygen gases producing water

Hˇ2 + O --> Hˇ2O

Define the term reactant

A substance that undergoes a change in a


Define the term product

The substances that result from a reaction

What's the law of

conservation of mass

The Law of the conservation of mass states that what goes into a reaction must come out

meaning that the mass of the reactants equal the mass of the products

what is a neutralization reaction

when an acid and a base react to create salt and water

write the word and chemical equation for photo synthesis

Carbon dioxide + water --> glucose + oxygen

6COˇ2 + 6Hˇ2O --> Cˇ6Hˇ12Oˇ6 + 6Oˇ2

write the word and chemical equation for respiration

glucose + oxygen --> carbon dioxide + water + energy (stored in the ATP)

Cˇ6Hˇ12Oˇ6 + 6Oˇ2 --> 6COˇ2 + 6Hˇ2O + ATP

what is a metal-acid

Acid and metal reacts to create salt and


what is a corrosion


When a metal and oxygen react over time to

create a metal oxide or more commonly know as rust

How do you work out

average speed

you divide the the distance by the time it takes.

Define acceleration

The rate of the change in speed

Define inertia

The tendency for an object to stay in motion

State Newtons 1st law and give an example

The law of Inertia e.g. when a car is moving and suddenly stops the passengers inside will want to keep moving.

State Newtons 2nd law and give an example

Acceleration of an object is directly proportional to the force acting on it and is inversely related to the mass of the object or F =ma for short. E.g. you can kick a ball and it moves because you have enough force to move that light object but you cannot kick a brick wall

State Newtons 3rd law and give an example

Every reaction has an equal and opposite

reaction. E.g. when air comes out of a balloon it has a force that is equal to the force of the

balloon moving.

how do you convert m/s to km/hr

You time it by 3.6 and divide for reverse.

What do you need to

include in a graph

Labeling everything (including the graph it self

[title]), use the right size of the numbers for scaling and have them increase in equal amounts also use crosses as your points.

How can you reduce friction

By smoothing surfaces that would have frictions and using things like ball bearings in certain cases to make it smoother still

What is a precipitation reaction

When a soluble salt reacts with another soluble salt and creates an insoluble salt and a soluble salt.

What is a acid carbonate reaction

Acid and a metal carbonate react to create salt, water and carbon dioxide

What is the double helix

a pair of parallel helices intertwined about a common axis, especially that in the structure of the DNA molecule.

Define gene

A section of a DNA molecule that contains information for one specific characteristic

What are examples of mutations

Cru Di Chat syndrome, Sickle cell disease and down syndrome

What are examples of mutagens

x-ray, gamma rays, neutrons, and certain chemicals such as carcinogens

What is genetic


The passing down of ones genes to offspring

Define pedigree

Pure-breed in animals and your linage in


How is gene technology helping medicine

By genetically modifying genes to find how

mutations are made to find cures and ways to stop them in the first place

What is DNA profiling

Using ones DNA to identify them, a bit like finger scanning