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As you move from left to right across the second period of the periodic table
a.) the ionization energy increases
For which element would you expect a largej ump between the first and second ionization energies?
d.) Na
The category of elements that is characterized by the filling of f orbitals is the:
a.) inner transition metals
c.) generally decreases as you move down a group.
In general, metals react by:
a.) losing valence electrons
An ion of K has the same electron configuration as:
c.) Ar.
Calcium usually reacts by:
b.) losing 2 e-
The outer energy level configuration for O2- is:
The general electron dot structure XX could represent:
c.) B
The chemical properties of an element are largely determined by its"
d.) number of valence electrons.
Which of te following has a noble gas electron configuration?
Atoms of Ca and S would be expected to react in a ratio of:
a.) 1:1
The chemical formula for the ionic compound formed when elements of Ca and N react is:
c.) Ca3N2
In general, ionic compounds:
d.) all of theses
Metals typically are:
d.) all of tehse