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a positron is a particle emitted from the nucleus that has same mass as

beta particle

the process in which the nucleus spontaneously breaks down by emmiting radiation is

radioactive decay

gamma rays require the heaviest shielding of all types because

highest energy

the unit to meausre absorbed is


the half life of bromine-75 is 25 min. how much 4.0 mg after 75 minutes?


when bombarded and splits


valence electrons are located in

outermost level of an atoms

the octet rule indicates that

atoms lose, gain or share electrons to have 8 valence electrons

what is the ionic charge of ion with 13 protons and 10 electrons


write the formula for AL and O


in covalent bonding

molecules are held together by sharing electrons


the ability of an atom to attract the shared electrons in a covalent bond is


if the electronegativity difference between X and Y is 2.1, the bond is


0-.4 =


more then 1.8=

0-.4 =non polar


more then 1.8=ionic

which of the following describes an oxidation reaction

loss of electrons or gain of oxygen

moles formula

moles = amount divided by molarity

what has the highest rays


the damaging effects of radiation on the body are a result of

the formation of unstable ions or radicals

a nuclear equation is balanced when

the sum of the mass numbers and the sum of the atomic numbers of the particles are the same on both sides

in the nucleair equation of beta emitter

the new nucleus contains one more proton

the maximum doe of radiation for each year is

5 rem per year

combine to form larger nucleus


when position emitted, the mass

remians the same

in ionic compounds, _____ lose valence electrons to form positively charged ____

metals, cations

to form ion, sodium atom

loses one electron

an anion always

has negative charge

an ionic compound

has net charge zero

the bond with prefixes is


ionized sizes

metal becomes smaller

nonmetal becomes larger