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What does the lcd 3.2 use

IMS ion mobility spectroscopy

Lcd3.2 uses what detection

Simultaneous real-time detection

Adding more than 10 tics

Increases possibility of false readings

Identifies tics Cbrne agents explosives and white powders

Hazmat ID

Identifies solids liquids and powders

Hazmat ID

Does not identify bio

Hazmat ID

What uses ftir fourier, transform, infra red

Hazmat ID

Criteria for positive identification


Glass vials that react to certain chemicals

Colorimetric tubes

How many chemicals can simultests test for


What can first defender identify

Solids liquids gels pastes

What are some first defender features

Identify thousands of items organic compounds inorganic compunds and substances in water

What can't the first defender detect

Gas vapors aerosols

Define class A agents

Easily dissiminated or transmitted from person to person

Which is a virus anthrax botulism plague (variola)smallpox or tuleremia

(Variola) Small pox

Define class B agents

Moderate mobidity and low mortality rates

What are some category b agents

Food safety threats, ricin toxin, water safety threats

Define category c agents

Emerging pathogens that could be engineered for mass dissimination

Name some category c agents

Influenza Sars tick borne illnesses

Mechanism bacteria causes disease in host

Invading host tissue and producing toxins

Not a contact hazard exempt t2 mycotoxin


Non living oder less tasteless and non volatile


How to extract oil from toxins

Solvent,s pressing, sohlet extraction

What category are various major and viral hemorrhagic fever

Category A

What is viral hemorrhagic fever


Methods of harvesting from live animal

Freeze thaw, sonication

3 types of dry weaponization

Drying, milling, fluidizer

Release material on demand

Victim operated, command

HHA identifies how many agents



Surface of antigen

Polycionial antibodies

Many antibodies together

Monoclonal antibodies

Single antibody

HHA is spoiled when exposed to

Temperatures above 60C

HHA uses what two techniques

Aseptic and setup/sample collection

To record HHA you take


Hook effect when analyzing toxins

Serial dilution

HHA can last on shelf for

2 years at 4-10C and 1 year at room temp

What's used to amplify dna

Pcr polymerase chain reaction

What does the round or cycling of polymerase chain reaction consist of

Denaturing annealing and extension

How long does the rapid run for

30-40 mins

Polymerase chain reaction pcr capabilities

Billions of dna copies produces in short time and specific

Limitations of pcr

Dna cequence must be known