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What is the cell doing during the 5 portions of interphase?
synthesis, replication, duplication of DNA
The longest period of a cells life is?
waht is the cell doing during the G portion?
growth and cellular metabolism
Cell division usually occurs in 2 events?
2. Cytokenisis
Cytokenisis refers to the division of the?
Human body's nuclei contains ______ pairs of chromosomes?
23 pairs of chromosomes
A region of attachment for two sister chromides is the?
sister chromotides are?
duplication chromosones held together by a common centromere
Mitosis in humans usually results in formation of?
2 deploid cells
what does diploid mean?
cells have both cromosomes as a pair of cromosomes and body of a somatic cell
What does haploid mean?
Cells with one of the chromosomes from the pairs of chromosomes, gametes, sex cells, egg or sperm.
what occurs in prophase
chromosomes condense, nuclear membrane disinergrates, nucleti breaks up
what occurs in prophase?
chromosomes line up at the equator, spindle appartus, breaks up
waht occurs in annaphase?
chromosones pull apart and migrate to poles.
How do plant cells split into 2 new cells?
forms a cell plate?