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What is Sysprep?
Used to prepare a resource computer for disk duplication.
Sysprep is good for installing XP onto PC's that have Different configuration. True or False.
After the source computer is configured how can you copy the image?
Through third party software or through hardware disk duplication (disk duplicator)
With Sysprep, the source and target computer must have the same ___.
Hard Drive controller, HAL (hardware abstraction layer).
With Sysprep, the plug and play devices need to match on the source and target computers. True or False.
Where must Sysprep be extracted from?
From the file located in the \Support\Tools folder on the Xp cd.
What is stripped from the source computer when Sysprep is run?
The SID.
What is asked of the user once a SID is assigned to the target?
Product id, regional settings and network configuration.
With Sysprerp, what is -quiet?
runs the installation with no user interaction.
With Sysprerp, what is -pnp?
forces setup to run plug an play.
With Sysprerp, what is -reboot?
restarts the target computer after sysprep is complete.
With Sysprerp, what is -noreboot?
pc will be shut down without a reboot.
With Sysprerp, what is -clean ?
critical devices should be cleaned out.
With Sysprerp, what is -nosidgen?
don't create sid
With Sysprerp, what is activated?
prevents windows product activation from resetting
With Sysprerp, what is -factory?
allows you to add drivers to the image after computer has restarted.
With Sysprerp, what is -reseal?
reseals an image
With Sysprerp, what is -bmsd?
used to build a list of all available mass storage devices in sysprep.inf
With Sysprerp, what is -forceshutdown?
if -reseal switch, this prepares the os then shutsdown the computer.
With Sysprerp, what is -mini?
run Mini setup wizard.
With Sysprep, what is the purpose of Setup Manager?
To create Answer Files through a GUI interface.
What is an answer file?
Automated installation scripts used to answer the questions that appear during a normal XP install.
Unattend is to Unattended install as ___ is to Sysprep or RIS.
answer file.
What can be configured with Setup manager?
Mass storage devices, Pnp, HALs, Password, Lanuguages, Display settings, NTFS conversion, App installation, Windows product installation, Dynamic Updates, driver signing.
When changing the Pnp devices drivers, what folder must be changed?
\$OEM$\$1. Create sub folder \$OEM$\$1\Pnpdrivers.
In an Unattend file, what does:
Pnpdrivers\Soundcards indicate?
That there are two folders in Pnp drivers- 1 for modems and 1 for soundcards.
What is the purpose of Windows Installer Packages?
To distribute special application files.
Windows installer packages work with ___, ___ & ___.
MSI: Microsoft Installer format files, Repackaged MSI's and ZAP files.
MSI is __.
Usually provided by manufacturer, they support on demand installation of features as they are accessed by users.
ZAP is __.
Used when no MSI files are available.
Windows installer packages work as ____ or ___.
"published applications " or "assigned applications." (When you publish an app, users can choose to install the app through Control Panel.
What are the steps for using Windows Installer Packages?
Copy MSI onto network share, Create Group Policy Object for application, Filter GPO, Add Package to GPO, If published install thru Ctrl Panel.
What entry must be added to an answer file in order to convert a hard drive to NTFS?
[Unattend] FileSystem= ConvertNTFS