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How is the Constitution organized?

In articles.

Why is the Constitution organized in articles?

So ordinary citizens can understand and support the Constitution.

Why is the Constitution said to be a living document?

It is strong, flexible, and can change with the times.

What comes at the beginning of the Constitution?

The preamble.

What phrase does the preamble start with?

"We the People"

Why does the Constitution start with the words "We the People"?

To show that the Constitution gets its power from the people.

What is the primary responsibility of Congress?

To make laws for the country.

How many houses make up Congress?


What are the houses of Congress called?

The Senate and the House of Representatives.

How long is a term for a senator?

6 years

How long is a term for a member of the House of Representatives?

2 years

Why is Congress set up with two houses?

To balance the rights of large and small states.

Which house of Congress can submit a proposal for new taxes?

The House of Representatives.

What is the final step before a national bill becomes a law?

The president signs it.

What branch of government carries out the laws?

The executive branch.

Who is the head of the executive branch of government?

The president.

How long is the term of the president?

4 years

How many times may the president be reelected?


What are the duties of the president?

The president serves as commander and chief of the military forces, can make treaties, can nominate ambassadors and supreme court justices, and grant pardons.

What can the Constitution be called?

The supreme law of the land.

What is a primary responsibility of the judicial branch of government?

To interpret the law and to resolve disputes under the law.

How many Supreme Court justices are there?


What is the term for a Supreme Court justice?


What is the power of the Supreme Court called?

Judicial review.

Why was the system of checks and balances created?

To keep any one branch of government from becoming too powerful.

What does Article Five describe?

How amendments to the Constitution can be made.

Which branch of government can propose an amendment to the Constitution?


Congress can propose an amendment by a vote of what fraction of each house/state legislatures?


An amendment can be ratified by a vote of what fraction of state legislatures?


National and state governments share powers. What is this called?


What is trade between two or more states called?

Interstate commerce.

What clause of the Constitution gives the national government power to regulate interstate commerce?

The commerce clause.

What was created by the commerce clause?

A common market in the states.

What are the advantages of a common market being shared by the states?

Goods can move easily, large businesses can be located in several states, and it created a single national economy.

What are some of the powers shared by the national and state governments?

Raising taxes, providing for public safety, establishing courts, and borrowing money.

Why does the Constitution establish the principle of majority rule?

Decisions will be based on what most people want.

How can people participate in government?

By belonging to political parties, joining interest groups, and by voting.