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Disinherited the legitimate heir to the French throne and proclaimed Henry V the successor to the French king
The Treaty of Troyes
True or false: The average life-span in 1300 was thirty-five years.
A direct tax on the French peasantry.
True or false: The Mongols were followers of Islam which Russians began to adopt.
Bloody French peasant uprisings in the fourteenth century
Which Pope made the papacy a sophisticated international agency and adjusted it to the growing European money economy?
The religion of Russia by 1100
Greek Orthodox
True or false: Pope Boniface VIII quarrelled with Philip the Fair and was nearly killed by his forces
Who received delegations from multiple religious groups who wished Russia to adopt their beliefs?
Prince Vladimir of Kiev
Joan of Arc was known as the "Maid of __________".
True or false: As a result of the Black Plague, the number of farm laborers decreased, wages increased, and those of skilled artisans soared.
True or false:During the Hundred Years' War France had superior military capabilities.
Papal power reached its height with the reign of Pope __________.
Innocent III
The Conciliar Movement was important because it?
Placed responsibility for Church affairs on secular institutions.
True or false:The Mongols left Russian princes alone, later allowing them to collect territory and re-unify Russia once Mongol influence weakened.
Which council resolved the Great Schism and elected Martin V pope?
The Council of Constance
Who invaded Russia in 1223?
Ghengis Khan
Which Russian leader unified northern Russia and ended Mongol rule?
Ivan the Great
True or false:Pope John XXII moved the papacy to Avignon.
In his 1324 work Defender of the Peace, Marsilius of Padua did what?
stressed the autonomy of secular government.
Giovanni Boccaccio wrote __________, his account of reactions to the Black Death.
True or false:As a result of the Black Death, it is estimated that the Western European population was reduced by 60 percent.
After Constantinople fell to the Turks in 1453, what city became, in Russian eyes, the "third Rome"?
What factors contributed to the Black Plague?
Bad health,overpopulation,and economic depression
What included the steppe region of what is today southern Russia?
The Golden Horde
The cause of The Hundred Years' War was?
Edward III's claim to the French throne,a quarrel between England and France over Flanders,a long history of prejudice and animosity between the French and English people.
True or false:By the end of The Hundred Years' War, the English retained only Flanders.
What teaches that the efficacy of the Church's sacraments does not only lie in their true performance but also depends on the moral character of the clergy who administer them.
The French representative council of townspeople, clergy, and nobles was known as?
The Estates General
The Russian nobilty
Meaning "lists of grievances."Petitions for reforms submitted to the French crown when the Estates General met in 1789.
Cahiersde Dolances
The argument that General Councils were superior in authority to the pope and represented the whole body of the faithful
Conciliar theory
The papal government
The heresy that taught the efficacy of the sacraments depended on the moral character if the clergy who administered them
The appearance of two at times three rival popes between 1378 and 1415
Great Schism
Followers of John Huss (d. 1415) who questioned Catholic teaching about the Eucharist
Followers of John Wycliffe (d. 1384) who questioned the supremacy and privileges of the pope and the church hierarchy.
The teaching that the popes have power over all other bishops of the church.
Plenitude of power
Kings in the Late Middle Ages increasingly had to consult representative assemblies to grant new taxes because?
Income from ordinary revenues, particularly rents, had declined
Who are the figures who opposed the growing papal authority
Marsilius of Padua,
William of Ockham,
John Huss,
John Wycliff
The instability of the 14c was the result of the?
Weakening of feudalism in Europe.
Increasing financial pressures on European rulers.
Demographic turmoil caused by the Black Plague.
Widespread failure of European rulers to produce direct male heirs.
The Great Schism was finally resolved?
By returning the pope to Rome, but Catholicism's political power was broken
What most accurately describes the impact of the development of gunpowder on Europe's nobility?
Gunpowder led to the end of knights in armor and jousting with lances
Medieval scholasticism was characterized by?
The use of dialectical logic
One of the most important consequences of the Hundred Years' War was that?
Parliament widened its powers in England
Unam Sanctam expressed what view?
Temporal power was subject to the spiritual power of the church
The Hanseatic League monopolized trade in the?
Baltic and North Seas
Christians were forbidden to loan money at interest because?
Money could not make money