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What are the 3 major functions of the Nervous System?
Coordinate body functions
Maintain homeostasis
Allows the body to respond
What does the Central Nervous System (CNS) contain?
Brain and Spinal Chord
What does the Peripheral Nervous System (PNS) contain?
Peripheral Nerves
What are the two types of functions of the peripheral nervous system?
Somatic nervous system
autonomic nervous system
What does the somatic nervous system do?
Controls skeletal muscle
What does the autonomic nervous system do?
controls involuntary effectors such as the heart, smooth muscle in blood vessels and glands
What are the three general functions of the Nervous system?
sensory, intergrative and motor
Describe the sensory functions of the nervous system
sensory receptors dectect internal and external changes and convert info into nerve impulse transmitted to CNS
Describe the Integrative functions of the nervous system
allows conscious or subconscious decisions from sensory neuron info. allows decisions that motor neurons carry out
Describe the Motor functions of the nervous system
carry nerve impulses from CNS to peripheral nerves to effectors (outside of nervous system) examples: muscle contraction & glands release hormone
What do neurons transmit?
information in the form of electrochemical changes called nerve impulses
what are nerves?
bundles of nerve axons
What are neurons?
nerve cells
what are the functions of the neuroglial cells?
supporting cells in the CNS
phagocytize, form myelin, produce cerebrospinal fluid
How are neuroglial cells different than neurons?
they are able to divide