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Minority Leader
The leader of the minority party in each house of Congress
Franking Privilege
The right of members of Congress to send work-related mail without paying postage.
Legal protection against prosecution
A tactic for defeating a bill in the Senate by talking until the bill's sponsor withdraws it
Majority Leader
The leader of the majority party in each house of Congress
A procedure used in hte Senate to limit debate on a bill
Funds reserved for a specific use
Dividing a state into odd-shaped election districts for political reasons
Forcing a member of Congress accused of a serious crime to resign
Party Whip
A Republican or Democrat in each house of Congress who tries to persuade party members to vote together on issues
A legislature's formal disapproval of one of its members
Standing Vote
A method of voting in which people stand to suport or oppose a measure under consideration
Roll-call vote
A procedure in which each person is called upon to announce his or her vote
Having 2 Legislative houses
Select Committee
A temporary committee of Congress formed to deal with a particular issue
Seniority System
A system that gives the most desired committee assignment to members of Congress who have served the longest
Joint Committee
A committee that includes members of both houses of Congress
Standing Committee
A permanent committee of Congress that focuses on a particular area
To accuse a government official of wrongdoing
Express Powers
Congressional powers specifically stated in the Constitution
A group within a standing committee of Congress that handles special problems
Conference Committee
A joint committee of Congress consisting of members of the House and the Senate to work on hte details of a proposed law.
To set a congressional bill aside in committee without considering it
The period of time when Congress meets
A person from a legislator's district
Pocket Vote
The President's power to kill a bill, if Congress is not in session, by not signing it for 10 days
Voice Vote
A method of voting in which those who support a measure say yea and those opposed say nay
Speaker of the House
The leader of the House of Representatives, chosen by the majority party
President Pro Tempore
A senior member of the majority party who presides over the Senate in the absence of the Vice President