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True or false: Collective bargaining always settles differences.

False. Some disputes are ongoing even after a contract has been signed.

The ______ ______ ______ ______ is responsible for enforcing anti discrimination and other employment laws.

EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission)

Strategic human resource planning is focused on which two initiatives?

- Understanding current employee needs

- Predicting future employee needs

Match the EEO Acts with corresponding dates.

1963 - Equal pay act

1964 - Civil rights act

1967 - Age discrimination act

1990 - American with disabilities act

As a salesman, Miguel's ____ consists of his commission, incentive bonuses and benefits.


The process of locating and attracting qualified applicants for jobs open in an organization is called _______.


A job analysis results in what other two job elements?

- Description

- Specification

Kevin continuously helps his employees improve their work through the use of goal setting, feedback and coaching, and rewards and positive reinforcement. This is an example of _____ management.


The economic or productive potential of employee knowledge, experience, and actions is referred to as ______ ______.

Human capital

A performance appraisal is likely to contain which two of the following types of information?

- Performance feedback

- Assessment of performance

If research shows that a particular test measures the same thing consistently, the test has high ____.


_____ are nonmonetary forms of compensation.


A human resources _____ is a report listing your organization's employees by name, education, training, languages, and other importance information.


An official elected by the union membership who works at the company and represents the interests of unionized employees is called the ______ _____.

Shop steward

Match the type of sexual harassment to the correct description.

Quid pro quo - The person being harassed is in jeopardy of not being hired for a job, obtaining benefits or opportunities unless he or she acquiesces.

Hostile Environment - The person being harassed does not risk economic harm, but experiences an offensive or intimidating workplace.

If employers use a test to try to predict future job performance, it is vital that the test have______ to ensure that it actually measures performance related to the job and is free from bias.


A __________ _________ is someone whose occupation is principally concerned with generating or interpreting information as opposed to manual labor.

Knowledge Worker

Approaches of affirmative action:

- Elimination of prejudicial questions in interviews

- Establishment of minority hiring goals

- Active recruitment of a group (traditionally discriminated against)

_____ involves upgrading the skills of technical and operational employees to improve how they do their current jobs.


Ability, performance, and personality tests are the three most common types of _______ tests.


Which of the following qualify as sexual harassment?

Unwanted dating pressure, Obscene gestures, Sexual propositions.

A(n) __ is conducted at specific times throughout the year and based on performance standards that have been established in advance.

Formal Appraisal

Salaried executives, administrative, and professional employees are exempt from over time rules as outlined in the:

Fair Labor Standards Act.

Activities managers perform to plan for, attract, develop, and retain an effective workforce are referred to as ____ _____ _____.

Human Resource Management

The purpose of an employee appraisal is to improve his/her job ____.


Match the two types of workplace discrimination tot the correct description.

Adverse Impact- An organization uses an employment practice or procedure that results in unfavorable outcomes to a protected class.

Disparate Treatment - Employees from protected groups are intentionally treated differently.

When Keisha started her new job, she went through ______ to help her transition and fits smoothly into the job and organization. The company is small so this process consisted primarily of employees welcoming her, "showing her the ropes," and inviting her to the annual picnic that was coming up soon.


A _____ gives the candidate an accurate picture of both positive and negative features of the job and organization before being hired.

realistic job preview

Which are examples of on the job training techniques?

Planned work activities, coaching, training positions, job rotations.

Samantha's _____ include commissions, a profit-sharing plan, annual bonus, and stock options. Her organization offers these to attract and retain top performers.


____ capital describes a person with the right combination of knowledge, skills, and motivation to give the organization a competitive advantage.

Human capital

Which of the following are used as hiring and promotion decisions that qualify as workplace discrimination?

- Skin color

- Religion

- National origin

- Gender

_______ the basic wage or salary paid employees in exchange for doing their jobs.

Base Pay

On an unscheduled basis without using the rigor of annual reviews, Susan occasionally performs ______ appraisals of her employees to let them know where they could correct or improve their job performance.


A _____ _____ summarizes what the holder of the job does and how and why they do it.

Job Description

Three main concepts covered by EEO (equal employment opportunity):

Sexual Harassement, Affirmative action, Workplace discrimination

Human Resource Management Process:

Step 1) Establish the mission and the vision.

Step 2) Establish the grand strategy

Step 3) Formulate the strategic plans

Step 4) Plan human resource needs

Step 5) Recruit and select people

Step 6) Orient, train and develop

Step 7) Perform performance appraisal

________ refers to educating professionals and managers in the skills they need to do their jobs in the future.


When Joe screens job applications to ensure that he hires the most qualified candidate, this is known as the _____ process.


Which three of the following are examples of tools used in off-the-job training?

- Workbooks

- Computer-assisted instruction

- Classroom programs

Attracting job applicants from outside the organization is referred to as _____ recruiting.


The person hired as a third party to carry out mediation is called the ____.


Three selection tools:

- Interviews

- Background information

- Employment tests

The Privacy Act, Immigration Reform and Control Act, Polygraph Protection Act, Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act, and the Sarbanes-Oxley Act are _____ laws.


A complaint by an employee that management has violated the terms of the labor-management agreement is called:


The process in which a neutral third party listens to both parties in a dispute and makes a binding decision is called the _____ process.


Which of the following are aspects of social capital?

- Goodwill

- Mutual respect

- Teamwork

- Trust

Match the four basic kinds of workplaces with the correct description.

Closed shop - Employers may hire only workers for a job who are already in the union

Open shop - Workers may choose to join or not join a union

Union shop - Workers must join the union within a specific time after being hired

Agency shop - Workers must pay equivilant of union dues, but are not required to join the union

Jim's perception of his employees' traits and behaviors is known as a(n) ___________ appraisal.


Susan has selected several people, including her peers, supervisors, and clients to anonymously evaluate her performance. After the results are tabulated by a computer, Susan will go over them with her manager and put into place a long-term for performance goals. This is an example of a _______ assessment.


Collective bargaining:

Consists of negotiations between management and employees about disputes over compensation, benefits, working conditions, and job security

Making people already employed by an organization aware of job openings is referred to as____ ____.

Internal recruiting

Insurance, retirement plans, recreation options, and education reimbursement are just a few examples of:


Planning for human resource needs requires a ____ ______.

job analysis

Ability test measure what three dimensions?

- Physical abilities

- Mental abilities

- Strength and stamina

Optimal work performance is the goal of the ____ process.

human resource

A union may ask the employer for official recognition after ___% of the workers have signed authorization cards.


Types of employee dismissals:

- Downsizing

- Layoffs

- Firings

Employees are let go ______ during a downsizing.


____ -to- ____ laws prohibit employees from being required to join a union as a condition of employment.


What are typically found on a job application??

- education

- work history

- certifications

- citizenshi

True of false: Collective bargaining always settles differences.


A _____ ______ describes the minimum qualifications a person must have to perform the job successfully.

job specification

During his interview, Mike was repeatedly given hypothetical scenarios and asked how he would respond. This is an example of a(n) ____ interview.


OSHA extended to require employers with more than 50 employees to provide _____ _____.

health insurance

When employees are _______, they have been dismissed permanently and "for cause."


Don was temporarily dismissed from his company. When the work shortage ends, he will likely be brought back onto the workforce. This is an example of being:

laid off

Sam is looking to hire a new administrative assistant. He can look _______ and outside the organization to fill his staffing needs.


Which two are advantages of a forced ranking performance review system?

-It structured a predetermined compensation curve, enabling them to reward top performers.

-It encourages managers to identify and remove poor performers.

Sam ranks all of his employees against one another and the grades are distributed highest to lowest. This is a:

forced ranking performance review system

Tests that assess attitudes and experiences related to a person' honesty, dependability, trustworthiness, reliability, and prosocial behavior are called:

integrity tests

Which of the following are benefits of performing a job analysis?

- Avoid hiring underqualified or unproductive employees

- With the use of database firms can use keywords to search for candidates

- Avoid hiring people who are overqualified

- Save the company money by hiring the right people

Organizations use ________ such as commissions, profit-sharing, bonuses, and stock options to attract and retain top performers.


The Employemnt Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA), Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA), and the Fair Minimum Wage Act are _____ and benefits laws.


When Joe screens job applicants to ensure that he hires the most qualified candidate, this is known as the _____ process.


When unions and management meet to negotiate pay and benefits they are said to be participating in ____ _____.

Collective Bargaining

Most of the questions Scott was asked during his interview were about past projects an accomplishments. This is an example of a __ interview.


True or false: Research shows that women and minorities hired on the basis on affirmative action experience lower job satisfaction and more stress than those supposedly selected on the basis of merit.


The National _____ relations board enforces procedures whereby employees may vote to have a union and collective bargaining.


Which six of the following are economic factors that affect base pay?

- What competitors are paying

- The individual's level of experience

- The prevailing levels in a particular industry and location

- The individual's level in the organization

- If the jobs are hazardous

- Whether the jobs are unionized

A(n) ____ -anchored rating scale is a type of appraisal that rates employee gradation in performance according to scales of specific behaviors.


Which of the following are key issues that are negotiated between labor and management?

- Benefits

- Compensation

- Work rules

- Job security

Sonia was asked the same set of questions as the other applicants. All of the applicants' responses were recorded and compared to one another. This is an example of a(n) _____ interview.


Jennifer rates her employees on subjective attributes such as attitude, honestly, inspiration to others, leadership, or initiative. This is what type of appraisal?


The process in which a neutral third party listens to both parties in a dispute and makes a toward an agreeable solution is called the ___ process.


In addition to performance, ability, and personality tests, which three of the following are employment testing techniques?

- Drug testing

- Handwriting analysis

- Polygraphs

A ____ is when the union agrees to give up previous wages or benefit gains in return for something else.


When employees are ____, their perks are taken away or reduced.


Performance tests or skills tests measure performance on:

actual job tasks

Which two of the following are the most common reasons that employers do not like to give honest assessments of former employees?

- They fear that if they say anything negative about the employee, they can be sued by the employee.

- They fear that if they say anything positive about the employee, and the job candidate does not pan out, they can be sued by the new employee.

A(n) ____ interview does not include a fixed set of questions or a systematic scoring procedure.

unstructured interview

If a manager is trying to teach skills such as improving interpersonal relations or using new tools, which three of the following teaching methods are most appropriate?

- Practice

- Discussion

- Role playing

When an employee is _____ to a high-level position, there are three concerns to consider: fairness, nondiscrimination, and others' resentments.


The part of the labor-management agreement that states that employees who receive union benefits must join the union or at least pay dues is called the union ____ _____.

security clause

Which of the following are methods of external recruiting?

- College job placement

- Recruitment firms

- Newspapers

- Employment agencies

The most important resource to any firm is its ____.