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Top 5 Health Expenditure

Hospital care

Physician and clinical services

Prescription drugs

Nursing homes

(Other professional, dental and personal care)

Ways to Pay for care

Out of pocket

Private health insurance

Private funds

Public funding

Out of pocket

Paying for it on your own

What is private health insurance? give examples

Offered through employers or other


EX: Blue cross , blue shield

What are public funds ? give examples?

EX: medicare, medicaid, chip

What does CHIP stand for?

Children Health Insurance Plan

Expand coverage for children

What is medicare?

Enacted in 1965

Coverage provided of elderly citizen over 65 years.

Terminally ill patients in the end of life.

What is Medicaid?

Coverage for those who are medically in need.

What is 50% of health insurance covers by ?

Employment based private health insurance

What is Military healthcare? Give examples

Insuring veterans, active and retired and their families.EX: HMO

How much is a family premium plan and

individual plan?

Family premium plan- 16,000

Individual plan- 6,000

Concerns relating to healthcare?

Choice of provider

Access to care

Restrictions on care


Pre existing conditions

Buy downs

Patient Protection and Affordable care act


Different parts of Medicare

Part A- Part D

Part A

Hospital insurance

Part B

Supplemental Medical Insurance

Part C

Medicare Advantage Plans

Part D

Prescription drug benefit