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when was the articles of confederation approved
on november 15, 1777
What did the Northwest Land Ordinance do?
It was made to establish apolitical structure for the region. This ordinance established the Northwest territory, and also created a system of limited self government for the settlers living in the territory.
what was extremely controversial?
that there was to be no slavery in the northwest territory.
Northwest Territory
a vast region that included present da Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Ohio and Wisconsin.
what are some examples of things that might be on a bill of rights
humane punishments, a state militia, freedom of the press,freedom of speech.
What did the American people use as a background to their new governments?
English laws-The Magna Carta, the english bill of right
Enlightenment influences-faith in human goodness and reason, common sense;written by Thomas Paine,John Locke, social contract or agreement , existed between leaders and the people they governed, the natural rights, town meetings, nwe ideas, the mayflower compact, and the fundimental orders of conneticuit.
how could new states enter the union under the northwest ordinance?
it created a limited self government for the settlers living in the territory, that had 60,000 inhabitants that could draft their own constitution and petition the congress to be admitted to the union as a state.
What did the Land Ordinance of 1785 do?
called for surveys and the division of public lands. SUrveys divide the lands into townships of 36 square miles. The townships were then divided into 36 lots of 640 acres each.
what were some conflicts that delayed the the ratification of the articles of confederation?
many states claimed territory as far west as the mississippi river.states hoped that they could sell the land and pay off revenue.
a type of government in which the head of state is elected and the people hold the political power
what happended since the americans wanted to prevent governors from becomming to powerful?
all of the states constitutions restricted the governor's authority, by separating government powers.
Virginia Statue for Religious Freedom
a legislation for religious freedom
what issues did the new congress have to address?
1. had to raise money
2. organize the western lands that had been surrendered by the states
3. had to sell western lands
voting rights
which states gave their govoernors significant authority?
massachusetts, new hampshire, and new york
Articles of Confederation
a document that created a central government with limited powers
What were the dates when African Americans were no longer allowed to vote in each state
north carolina-1835
new jersey- 1844
a set of basic principles and laws that determine the powers and duties of the government

what is a bill of rights?
a document describing the civil liberties or individual rights, that a government promises its citizens.
The State Constitutions
ea. state had a different constitution, but close to theose of the early charters.
colonies elected governors to replace the royal governors elected by the king.
how were the articles of confederation created
the continental congress appointed a committee of 13 to create a constitution for the Union.
natural rights
also known as fundemental rights
religious liberty
equality before the law
when did all the states finally ratify the articles of confederation?
after all states gave up claim lands, on march in 1781.
formal approval
what could the confederation congress do under the articles of confederation?
1. borrow money
2. negotiate
3. make treaties with foreign nations
4. resolve conflicts between states
5. ask for movey and soldiers
what was the first written constitution?
the fundamental orders of Conneticut.
true or false: every state had different reasons for allowing someone to vote
what did most americans want to prevent
indicidual leaders from gaining too much power
true or false: Governors were alowed to veto bills passed by the state legislature.