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allostatic load
continued need for the body to adapt to stress
anger in theory
the view that psychophysiological disorders such as essential hypertension arise from a person's not expressing anger or resentment
angina pectoris
chest pains caused by insufficient supply of blood and thus oxygen to the heart
a psychophysiological disorder characterized by narrowing of the airways and increased secretion of muscus, often causing extremely labored and wheezy breathing
behavioral medicine
an interdisciplinary field concerned with integrating knowledge from medicine and beavioral science to understand health and illness and to prevent as well as to treat psychophysiological disorders and other disorders where a person's psyche plays a role
procedures that provide an indiv immediate info on minute changes in muscle activity, skin temp, heart rate, blood pressure, and other somatic functions. it is assumed that voluntary control over these bodily processes can be achieved through this knowledge thereby amelicrating to some extent certain psychophysiological disorders
cardiovascular disorder
a medical problem involving the heart and the blood circulation system, such as hypertension or coronary heart disease
community psychology
an approach to therapy that emphasizes prevention and the seeking out of potiential difficulties rather than waiting for troubled indvis to initiate consultation. location for professional activites tends to be in the person's natural surroundings rather than in the therapist's office
how people try to deal with a problem or handle the typically negative meotions stress produces
coronary heart diseas (CHD)
angina pectoris and myocardial infarction or heart attack where the blood and oxygen supply is reduced so much that heart muscles are damaged
essential hypertension
a psychophysioloigcal disorder characterized y high blood pressure that cannot be traced to an organic cause. over the years, it causes degneration of small arteries enlargement of the heart and kidney damage
functional social support
the quality of a person's relationships for example a good vs distressed marriage
general adaptation syndrome (GAS)
Hans Selye's model to describe the bio reation of an org to sustained and unrelenting stress; there are several stages, culminating in death in extreme circumstances
health psychology
a branch of psychology dealing with the role of psychological factors in health and illness; see behavioral medicine
mycocardial infarction
heart attack
psychological factors affecting meidcal condition
a diagnosis in DSM IV TR that a physical illness is caused in part or exacerbated by psychological stress
psychophysiological disorder
disorders with physical symptoms that may inovlve actual issue damage, usually in 1 organ system and that are produced in part by continued mobilization of the ANS under stress ex) hives and ulcers- now listed in DSM IV TR on Axis I as psychological factor influecing a medical condition; on Axis III as the specific physical condition is given
psychosomatic disorders
see psychophysiological disorder
somatic weakness theory
the vulnerability of a particular organ or organ system to psychological stress and thereby to a particular psychophysiological disorder
pecific reation theory
hypothesis that an indiv devleops a given psychophysiological disorder because of the innate tendency of the ANS to respond in a particulr way to stress for ex by increase in heart rate or devleoping tension in the forehead
state of an org subjected to a stressor, it can take the form of incresed ANS activity and in the long term can cause the breakdown of an organ or devleopment of a mental disorder
stress management
a range of psychological procedures that help people control and reduce their stress or anxiety
an event or occasion that causes stress in an org for ex loss of a loved one
structural social support
a perso's network of social relationships for ex number of friends, contrast with functional social support
Type A behavior pattern
1 of 2 contrasting psychological patterns revealed through studies seeking the cause of coronary heart disease- competitve, rushed, hostile, over committed to their work and at heightened risk for heart disease. type b more relaxed and relatively free of pressure