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Describe how we elect the president.
We use the electoral college, which are a group of electors(that we vote for) that choose the president for us; since they are afraid of citizens not choosing correctly.
Explain the purpose of the 25th Amendment.
To fill the space of the Vice President when he/she take the position of the president.
Explain the purpose of the 22nd Amendment.
To limit the president from becoming too powerful by giving them a minimum of two terms.

Describe the Executive Brach's role in foreign policy.
They help (Foreign-AID) other countries, make treaties (government to government), make executive agreements (president to president)
What is foreign policy?
Foreign policy is a nation's plan for dealing with other nations.
What is diplomacy?
It's the skill of managing international relations.
Name each of the President's 7 roles and his duties for each.

Party Leader- Leads Political Party

Chief Executive- carries out laws, pardons, reprieves,etc.

Commander in Chief- leader of armed forces

Legislative Leader- veto bills, propose laws, call special sessions

Economic Leader- plans federal budget

Chief Diplomat- foreign policy, deal with ambassadors, makes treaties

Head of State- receiver foreign leader and have goodwill with other states

List the checks the executive branch can make on the other two branches.
They can vote laws (or sign) for Congress & appoint Supreme Court judges.
What are some examples of International organizations that the U.S. belongs to?
NATO & United Nations
What are some international organizations that the U.S. does not belong to, but works closely with?
European Union & Red Cross
List & describe the tools that the president can use when he is dealing with Foreign Policy.
Military Force, treaties, executive agreements, appointing ambassadors, foreign aid & international trade.

List or describe the tools that the president can use when he is dealing with foreogn policy.

Military Force, treaties, executive agreement, appointing ambassadors, foreign aid and internacional trade.