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The proper way in which by reason of its specific end, it should achieve the fullness of its being or its growth.

Normality of functioning

Refers to the free acts of rational beings


States that reason is that which makes and obeys the law at the same time.

Kantian Theory

The ultimate source ot all laws and obligations.

Supreme Law giver

The examplar of the things yet to be made by an art

Pattern or Model

The one who governs the acts of his subjects has the character of law, provided the condition be present in which we have mentioned above as belonging to the nature of law.


According to him eternal law is nothing else but God's plan in creating the universe, God's law which directs all things to their proper ends.

Thomas Aquinas

Perversions of a law rather than a law


Then law so applied to created things

Natural law or law of nature

Promulgated to creatures by being embedded in their nature

Eternal law

By this we pronounce judgments the morality of actions


To man it is made known by his reason or conscience

Eternal law

Also known as Law of Conscience

Natural Moral law

Must in accordance to its free will


Are made for the purpose of securing the common good


Laws can only be unjust:

1. When they are contrary to common good

2. When they contravene or run countet to natural law or the divine law