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Leveraging Secondary Brand Knowledge
Indirect approach to building brand equity

When a brand borrows some brand knowledge and some brand equity from other entities.
Brand Building or Brand Alliances

Occurs when 2 or more existing brands are combined into a joint product or are marked together in some fashion
Ingredient Branding
A special case of co-branding which creates brand equity for materials, components or parts that are necessarily contained within other brand products
Creates contractual arrangements whereby firms can use names, logos, characters, and so fourth of other brands to market their own brands for some fixed fee
Secondary Brand Knowledge
Link the brand to other entities with their own set of associations. Consumers may expect that some of these same associations also characterize the brand
Third Party Sources
Leading magazines, organizations, and experts can improve perceptions of an attitude towards a brand
Tend to be credible sources
Sponsored Events
Events have their own set of associations that may become linked to a sponsoring brand under certain conditions

Transfer associations on the basis of various dimensions of credibility
Celebrity Endorsement
Using a well known/admired person to promote a product