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What was the 25th Amendment and when was it ratified?
1967, P disability and succession
What was the 26th Amendment and when was it ratified?
1971, It says voting age lowered from 21 to 18. This was around the time of the Vietnem War, and people said that if 18 year old were willing to fight and die for their Country, they should be able to vote.
Explain why a woman's suffrage amendment was finally added to the Constitution.
It was added because the traditional view of women was changing. Women were taking jobs, proving themselves able to work and contribute without disrupting home life.They also marched, gave speeches, writing to government officials and going on hunger strikes.
What was the Dred Scott case?
A slave named Dred Scott had traveled with his owner to Illinois and teh Wisconsin Territory, where slavery was illegal. When they returned to Missouri, Scott argued that his residence in a free territory had made him a free slave. The Court ruled that according to the Constitution, slaves were property and that Congress could not prevent owners from taking slaves anywhere they wished.
What was the 20th Amendment and when was it ratified?
1933, Terms of the P, VP, and Congress
What was the 19th Amendment and when was it ratified?
1920, In January 1918, an emotional session of Congress voted on allowing women to vote.
What was the 18th Amendment and when was it ratified?
1919, Prohibition of alcoholic beverages
Define suffrage
The right to vote.
What was the 22nd Amendment and when was it ratified?
1951, President limited to two terms.
What is the 11th Amendment? When was it ratified?
1795 and it was about lawsuits against the states.
What was the 12th amendment and when was it ratified?
1804, Separate voting for President and Vice President.
What was the Missouri Comprimise?
It was passed in 1802. This law divided new lands into slave and free territories. Each new land had to choose what they would be in order to become a state.
What was the 14th Amendment and when was it ratified?
1868, It ensured citizenship to blacks. It takes the power to grant citizenships away from the states, and says that people born or naturalized in the US are therefore citizens of the US and the state they live in. It also says that no state may take life, liberty or property away from anyone without due process of law, or to deny anyone the equal protection of the laws.
What was the thirteenth amendment, and when was it ratified?
1865, Abolition of Slavery. It came right after the Civil War, because of the North's victory.
What was the 15th Amendment and when was it ratified?
1870, It declares that no state may deny the vote to any person on the basis of color, race or previous condition of servitude.
What was the 24th Amendment about and when was it ratified?
1964, Depite the 15th Amendment, states still found ways to prevent people from voting. There was a poll tax, and many were unable to vote because they were too poor. This amendment declares poll taxes illegal.
What was the 16th Amendment and when was it ratified?
1913, Income tax
What was the 23rd Amendment and when was it ratified?
1961, Electoral votes for the District of Columbia.
What was the 21st Amendment, and when was it ratified?
1933, Repeal of 18th Amendment.
What was the 17th amendment and when was it ratified?
1913, Direct election of Senators.
What was the 27th Amendment, and when was ir ratified?
1992, It says that if memebers of Congress vote to increase their salaries, the change cannot go into effect until after the next election, this way, if members of Congress vote themselves a pay raise, they are accountable to the voters for their actions.