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A published literature review article would be considered a primary source for a person doing a literature review on the same topic.
Information from relevant anecdotal reports and opinion articles is usually included in a research literature review.
A well-written literature review is characterized by numerous quotations from research reports.
Paraphrasing, rather than directly quoting from an article, is a common flaw in literature reviews.
A good literature review includes the researcher's opinions on the issues being investigated.
The literature review section should conclude with a critical evaluation of knowledge on the problem of interest.
A traditional narrative review is to qualitative studies what a meta-analysis is to quantitative studies.
Which of the following is not a purpose of a research literature review for a consumer?
~To identify nursing interventions that have potential for use in evidence-based practice
~To identify a suitable research design
~To acquire knowledge about a specific topic
~To facilitate the development of research-based protocols
To identify a suitable research design
In an online search, a person retrieves references that are:
Directly accessed through communication with a host computer
The electronic database most likely to be useful to nurse researchers is:
In conducting a subject search in an electronic database, you would most likely initiate the search by typing in:
A topic or key word
In an electronic literature search, the searcher does not necessarily have to know precise key words for retrieving information on a topic because of the capability known as:
Which of the following statements is true?
~The MEDLINE database can only be accessed through subscriptions through a commercial vendor such as Ovid
~The CINAHL database contains references to over 1000 journals
~The CINAHL database only includes citations for studies from 1998 to the present
~When doing a computerized search for quantitative studies, the key words are always based on the dependent variable of interest
The CINAHL database contains references to over 1000 journals
The type of information in which the researcher is least interested when doing a literature review is:
Narrations of the author's impression of a given situation
A primary source for a literature review may be defined as:
A description of an investigation written by the researcher who conducted the study
Which of the following is an appropriately worded sentence for a research review?
~Five recent studies have proved that men are less well able to cope with the loss of a spouse than women
~The HIV epidemic has been the cause of considerable anxiety in the gay community
~Nurses and physicians struggle with the decision to work in environments where abortion services are offered
~Research has consistently suggested that cigarette smoking causes lung cancer
Research has consistently suggested that cigarette smoking causes lung cancer
The type of literature review in which statistical integration occurs is a:
One of the major purposes of a literature review is to ascertain what research has already been done in the area.
A text word search allows searchers to look for topics in text fields of records in the electronic database.
The CINAHL electronic database covers all published nursing studies back to the early 1900s.