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nothing is wasted and author chooses each word and detail carefully for maximum effectiveness
something that means more than what is suggests on the surface (object, person, situation, action, or some other element that has a literal meaning in the story, but suggests/represents something else)
1. the story itself must furnish a clue that a detail is supposed to be taken symbolically
2. meaning of literary symbol must be established and supported by entire context of story
3. an item must suggest a memanging that's different from its literal meaning
4. may be ambiguous
a story that has a 2nd meaning beneath the surface, endowing a cluster of characters, objects, or events with added significance; often the pattern relates each literal item to a corresponding abstract idea or moral principle
- different than symbolism in that it places less emphasis on the literal meaning and more on the ulterior meanings
- an author using this usually doesn't intend simply to create 2 levels of reality (1 literal and 1 abstract), which readers merely identify as though connecting a series of dots
one that transcends the bounds of known reality (often highly compressed, enabling author to convey a richly textured, resonant version within a relavitively short narrative)
- may be commercial entertainment or literary fiction
fatasy (nonrealistic story)
reader is willing to accept the author's premise of the strange and marvelous world, introduces human beings into a world where the ordinary laws of nature are suspended or superseded and miraculous accurances into the recognizable, everyday wold of human beings
"a willing suspension of disbelief"
recent popular form of fantasy where majic is interwoven into the mundane and ordinary lives of characters
"magical realism"
- Is it used for strangness, or for thrills/surprise/laughs?
- Is it used to illuminate truths of the reader's own experience?
- What's the purpose of the author's inventions? (a machine for producing a temp. thrill, or provide an unique vantage point that may change our view of the world)
Ask for what reason does the story employ fantasy?