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Continuous Random Variable

canassume any value on a continuum (can assume an uncountable number of values)

Thesecan potentially take on any value depending only on the ability to preciselyand accurately measure

Normal Distribution

Bell Shaped, Symmetrical, and Mean,Median and Mode areEqual

Location is determined by the mean,μ

Spread is determined by thestandard deviation, σ

The random variable has an infinitetheoretical range: + infinity to - infinity

Normal Distribution Shape

Changing μ shifts the distribution left or right.

Changing σ increases or decreases the spread.

Standardized Normal (Z)

Anynormal distribution (with any mean and standard deviation combination) can betransformed into the standardizednormal distribution (Z)

Need to transform X units into Z units

The standardized normal distribution (Z)has a mean of 0 and a standard deviation of 1

Translation from X to Z

subtracting the mean of X and dividing by its standard deviation

The Z distribution always has mean= 0 and standard deviation = 1