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Managers are thought to spend about 75 percent of their time communicating.
Oral managerial communications offer strategic advantages such as economy, efficiency, accuracy and official permanence.
Collaboration is thought to improve writing quality.
One of the more serious problems associated with collaborative writing is dealing with conflicts that arise.
Only collaborative writing groups with reoccurring conflicts should elect a team leader.
The way in which managers communicate messages is influenced by the type of authority they are perceived to have.
Denotative meanings are subjective while connotative meanings are objective.
A euphemism is an expression with intended positive connotations.
Many states have plain language statutes to minimize governmental communication barriers.
Concrete words are more efficient and stay with the reader longer than abstract words.
Using more words guarantees that a message will be easier to understand.
When writing to readers outside the organization, managers should use jargon since this is a commonly understood language.
Generally speaking, the more positive the stimuli, the more positive the response.
The difference between positive and negative wording is more a matter of content than emphasis.
The use of “he or she” or “he/she” in place of the generic “he” pronoun is neither graceful nor considered acceptable in writing.
A conversational style is important in the writing of business letters, as it aids in developing the “you viewpoint.”
Paragraphs bring separate thoughts together and arrange them to convey a single important idea.
Good writing is useful only in business settings.
Using online collaborative writing technology will minimize emotional conflicts among collaborators.
Business managers are a discourse community because they have unique writing challenges.
Which one of the following was not mentioned as an advantage of writing over oral communication?
immediate feedback
Which of the following is an advantage of collaborative writing?
group decision making
Which of the following is not a disadvantage of collaborative writing?
individual responsibility and accountability
The team leader in a collaborative writing group is responsible for
coordinating the team’s collaborative efforts AND resolving conflicts among individuals and functional departments

(both b and c are correct)

What is the term for a group of people who think in similar ways about how to communicate, subjects to be dealt with and how to approach them, and what makes up legitimate knowledge?
discourse community
Aspects of the context of managerial writing includes
A. the workday

B. collaboration and delegation

C. size and culture of the organization

all answers are correct

On the average, the executives that Mintzberg and associates observed had a full half hour of uninterrupted time only once every ________ day(s).
A writer should
consider the power positions of both sender and receiver
When in the planning stage of writing, which of the following considerations is false?
When: the earlier a message is sent, the better for employees directly affected
Which of the following meanings of a word is the subjective one that is largely determined by a person’s previous experiences or associations?
Written business communications should be
economical and efficient
Words that create sharp, vivid images and stimulate reader interest are known as
The technical language or specialized terms that become part of the everyday vocabulary of an organization or discipline is known as
Studies show most effective business sentences have an average length of
15 to 20 words
Which of the following is not a guideline that helps writers to develop effective paragraphs?
start writing all ideas on paper
Which of the following is a type of mechanical transition?
repeating key words
Revising involves which of the following?
Reading what has been written
Writing in a conversational style means using
words in your speaking vocabulary
"It is thought that interest rates will fall" is an example of a(n)
Although active voice is usually preferred over passive in business writing, its main advantage is that it is
diplomatic (unsure)
A deductive pattern in a paragraph means the main idea is in which position?
at the beginning
Which of the following is not a strategy for emphasizing a main idea?
being indirect
Accordingly, again, also, and additionally are examples of
A Janus statement consists of a(n)
review and preview
When should a writer edit a document?
after revising
Which of the following is not a disadvantage of collaborative writing?
the final document has a corporate style