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civil liberty
the freedom to think and act without government interference or fear of unfair legal treatment
free speech
the right to say our opinions, in public or in private without the fear of bring stopped or punished by the government for those ideas
the beginning of printed materials or films due to alarming or offensive ideas they contain
a formal request for government action
spoken untruths that are harmful to someones reputation
written untruths that are harmful to someones reputation
a person officially charged with a crime
probable cause
a strong reason to think that a person or property was involved in a crime
search warrant
a court order allowing police to search property and seize evidence
a document issued by a grand jury to charge someone with a crime
double jeopardy
putting someone on trial for a crime when he or her was found previously innocent
self incrimination
giving evidence about yourself that could lead you to being found guilty of a crime
due process
following established legal procedures
eminent domain
the right of the government to take private property usually land for public use
a sum of money used as a security deposit to ensure that an accused person who is released from jail returns for his or her trail
black codes
laws from after the civil war that kept African Americans from holding certain jobs gave them few property rights, and limited their rights in other ways
the right to vote
poll tax
a sum of money required of voters before they are permitted to cast a ballot