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______is the social life between people that takes place through________such as signs, gestures, and language.

Social interaction; Symbols

When a student says to a friend, " I wore a suit and tie to the job interview and asked lots of questions so that he would think I was intelligent, " this illustrates what Erving Goffman called______

impression management

The most basic unit of Human behavior is an________. ______ is the reluctance to " get involved" in an apparent _____ affecting a stranger in public.

Act; By-stander; Emergency

According to the dramaturgical approach, professor who tells a colleague that she is disgusted with a particular student's behavior but remains polite, while in the presence of the student is displaying _____ behavior to her colleague.

Back stage

The_____ states that if people deine situations as real, they are in their consequences.

Thomas theorem

"Exposing the rules" of society to discover the unspoken assumptions that govern its social interaction is fundamental to______


According to the zones of social space defined by Edward T. Hall, an oral examination would be conducted within _______.

Personal Space

The discipline that examines how personality and behavior are influenced by social context is

social psychology

Some gestures have the same meaning in all societies. T/F


The industrial revolution accelerated with the development of ______, as an early new source of energy.

The steam engine

The expansion of office work marks the growth of the economy's

tertiary sector

The term oligopoly refers to

the domination of a market by a few producers

Which country exemplifies a system of state capitalism?

A. The united states

B. Great Britain

C. Australia

D. Japan

D. Japan

The social thinker who celebrated the operation of a free-market economy was

Adam Smith

The term primary labor market refers to

Jobs that provide extensive benefits to workers.

What is the hypothetical economic and political system in which all members of society are social equal?


Socialism is an economic system in which there is

government control of production

The post-industrial economy is defined by:

Computer technology

As a social institution the economy:

produces and distributes goods and services;

guides patterns of consumption of goods and services;

operates in a relatively predictable manner

The smallest possible group is a ______; where as , a _____is a three-person group

Dyad; Triad

Bureaucracy tends to result in ______ or rule by the few


Styles of leadership may be one of three basic types




An____is an abstract description, constructed from a number of cases in order to reveal their essential characteristics

Ideal type

______ is the situation in which people lose control over the social world they have created


_______ leadership is the kind necessary to create harmony an solitary among the members; whereas ,________leadership is the kind necessary to organize the group in the pursuit of its goals

Expressive ; Democratic

Enumerate two characteristics of formal organizations

1 Utilitarian

2 Normative

Social stratification is

A system by which a society ranks categories of people in hierarchy

Four principles of social stratification

individual discovery

caries over from generation to generation

Universal but not Variable

involves not just inequality but beliefs as well

In the caste system the typical marriage is described as


The term meritocracy refers to social stratification based

on personal merit

In 1917 the Russian Revolution transformed______, placing productive property under the control of______

an agrarian society; the state

The idea that social inequality is harmful and divides society is associated with the _______ paradigm.


Ideology refers to

cultural beliefs that justify social stratification

According to Davis-Moore thesis

the more important job must yield sufficient rewards to attract the talent necessary to perform them

Work involving mostly manual labor is called___________ work


Max Weber considered an individuals social position

economic class

social status or prestige


Race refers to

a socially constructed category composed of people who share biologically transmitted traits that members of a society consider important

rigid irrational generalization about an entire category of people


refers to the belief that one racial category is innately superior


what is the meaning of WASP

White Americans who support pluralism

Which of the following categories of Hispanics in the US is largest in terms of population size

Mexican American

a category of people who as a result of their shared cultural heritage are regarded as socially distinct is called an

Ethnic group


form of extermination

In South Africa, blacks are a minority because they

are singled out for unequal treatment

According to Thomas Sowell, West Indians in the US are about 1% of the African American population.T/F


People of Chinese ancestry not only were the first Asian Americans to come to come to the US but they remain the largest in terms of population.T/F