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Adverse impact
potential unfairness in the treatment of minority group or protected class members. in hiring it occurs if the protected class's ration is less than 4/5ths of the non protected class's selection ratio
Affirmative action
program designed to increase the number of minority or protected class members in an organization
how often something occurs. In selection, it is the proportion of people hired who will be successful on the job
Cafeteria benefits
employee benefit program in which individuals are allowed to customize their fringe benefits by choosing several from a long list of benefits, such as different types of insurance plans
Concurrent validation study
validation strategy in which the prdictor and criterion are assesed at the same time
standard for comparison, it is the definition of perfect performance
to replicate the results of one sample with those of another sample
Four-fifths rule
if the percentage of the minority group hired is less than 4/5ths that of the majority group, this rule has been violated
Multiple hurdle approach
selection method whereby applicants must achieve a certain score on each predictor to be hired
Predictive validation study
study in wich predictor information is used to forecast a criterion that is assessed at a later time
variable that is used to forecast a criterion
Protected classes
groups of people who are given special legal protection because of past discrimination against them
Realistic job preview (RJP)
information given to job applicants to let them know what the job and organization are like
Reasonable accommodation
a principle from the Americans with Disabilities Act that requires organizations to provide resonable modification to the job or workplace so that people with disabilities can perform the job
process of finding and hiring the best-qualified candidate (from within or outside of an organization) for a job opening
Regression approach
a statistical procedure for combining several predictors to forcast a criterion
applicants who are hired
Selection ratio
proportion of applicants who are hired for a job
Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection
document produced by the US government that describes appropriate and legally defensible selection procedures
Utility analysis
analysis of the financial benefits to an organizaton of taking a course of action, such as implementing a particular selection system
Validation study
study undertaken to determine if a predictor is related to a criterion
interpretation given to the meaning of a measure
Validity generalization
principle that states that if a predictor is a valid indicator of a criterion in one setting, it will be valid in another similar setting