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Which of the following drugs are made from bacteria and fungi?

Cephalosporins and penicillins

Which of the following refers to the interaction between the drug and target cells or tissues and the body's response to that?


Which is the following is the process of converting a drug from its dose form, such as a tablet or capsule, into a form the body can use?


How the body absorbs, metabolize, distubutes, and excrete a drug is_____.


Which of the following is the purpose or reason for using a drug?


Which drug is used to treat to an anaphylactic reaction to a medication?


Which of the needles is smallest?

25-guage (always the biggest number is the smallest needle)

Which drug is administered in syringes calibrated in units, commonly 50 U or 100 U, that have permanently attached needles and no dead space?


Which of the following is a small glass or plastic container that is sealed to keep its contents sterile?


Which if the following is a small bottle with a rubber diaphragm that can be punctured by a needle?


Which of these is NOT a basic right of medication administration?

Right to refuse

You are administering a suppository. What route of administration are you most likely performing?


Which of the following would be done to improve patient compliance?

Have patients multiple meds create alarm, calender, or chart

A patient is taking a nitroglycerin tablet under his tongue. What route of administration is this?


When performing a triple check, which of the following would you least likely do?

3rd check- just after you administer the drug

You are injecting a medication ID; what would best let you know that you have done it correctly?

There is a wheal on the skin at the site

An in fact needs an immunization subcut. What site and what needle would be your best choice?

Vastus lateralis, 25 guage, 5/8 inch

Which of the following is the most complete medication documentation?

4/12/xx Phenergan 200 mg PO for nausea

Which if the following would you expect to be absorbed in the least amount of time?

200 ml of D5W IV

Which of the following patients has the greatest risk of overdose and toxicity from a medication?

A 6 year old child with the flu