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Access Control entry (ACE)
An entry is an object’s discretionary access control list (DACL) that grants permission to a user or group. An ACE is also an entry in an object’s system access control list (SACL) that specifies the security events to be audited for a user or group.
Active Directory Client Extensions
These allow legacy operating systems to perform searches in Active Directory; they also provide site awareness and access to Windows Server 2003 distributed file systems.
Computer Management Console
a predefined Microsoft Management Console (MMC) application that allows you to administer a variety of computer-related tasks on the local computer or a remote computer.
Data Decryption Field (DDF)
the header field in an EFS-encrypted file that is used to store the file encryption key (FEK) encrypted by the user’s public key.
Data Recovery Agent
Individual responsible for recovering encrypted data in the event a user’s private key is lost or otherwise unavailable.
Data Recovery Field
the header field in an EFS-Encrypted file that is used to store the file encryption key (FEK) encrypted by the recovery agent’s public key.
DFS Link
A pointer to the physical location of a share on the Network.
DFS Root
the top level of a DFS tree structure that contains links to the shared folders on the network.
DFS Topology
The logical structure of a distributed file system, which includes the DFS root and DFS link.
Discretionary Access Control List
A part of the security descriptor of an object that contains a list of user or group references that have been allowed or denied permissions to the resource.
Distributed File System
A file system that organizes shared folders located throughout a local or wide-area network into a single logical tree structure.
Encrypting File System
Windows Server 2003 enables you to encrypt files and folders on NTFS volumes for security purposes.
File Encryption Key
the encryption key used to encrypt a file using EFS.
Replica Set
A set of shared folders that is replicated or copied to one or more servers in a domain.
Shared Folder
a data resource container that has been made available over the network to authorized network clients