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Chapter 5
Political Parties
History 12
Chapter 5
Political Parties
History 12
Political Party
a group of persons who seek to control government through the winning of elections and the holding of public office.
Major Parties
the dominant political parties in the United States
a union of many persons of diverse interests who have come together to get their candidates elected to public office.
Minor Party
one of the less widely supported parties in the political system
Two-Party system
two major parties dominate American Politics
Singlie-member district
they are contests in which only on candidate is elected to each office on the ballot. Winner take all
the largest number of votes cast for the office
a system in which several major and many lesser parties exist
one-party system
only one party is aloud. Dictatorship. is really a "no-party" system
people eligible to vote
ideological parties
those based on a particular set of beliefs, a comprehensive view of social, economic, and political matters.
Single-Issue Parties
those concentrating on a single public policy matter
Economic protest parties
those rooted in periods of economic discontent
Splinter parties
those which have split away from one of the major parties
a unit into which cities are often divided for the election of city council members
is the smallest unit of election administration
split-ticket voting
voting for candidates of both parties for different offices at the same election