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Vocabulary growth involves more than just the acquisition of new words..
kids refine meanings of established words
("Cool" goes from temperature to describing a friend)
Vocabulary growth does not continue at same furious rate as preschooler's...
but it does continue throughout life
Older people ...
lose vocabulary. May not be able to retrieve words as quickly as before but they don't lose words
Children begin to combine words between
18 mos -2 years
Generativity of language
capacity to understand and produce an infiite number of novel sentences.
Knowledge of language is not a knowledge of a list of sentences in which to select as the occasion demands, rather...
it is the knowledge of a system that allows a speaker to produce an infinite number of differnt sentences from a finite inventory of words
the component of grammar that governs the ordering of words in a sentence
The order of words can change the meaning such as
John kissed Mary vs
Mary kissed John
the study of the smallest unit of meaning