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The removal of contamination from an item to the extent necessary for further processing or for its intended use
The used of physical or chemical means to remove, inactivate, or destroy blood-borne pathogens on the surface of an item is known as
What is the first step in the decontamination process
Manual and or automated mechanical cleaning
Blood, tissue and or body fluids on surgical instrument is referred to as
Disease producing microorganisms
Negative pressure prefers to
Air exhausted directly to the outside
Temperature and humidity in the decontamination area should be monitored
Employees should be trained in the appropriate protective attire to be worn when
Performing specific tasks
When a new medical device is purchased and received into SPD what information must the technician have before processing it
Manufacturer's instructions for processing
A solution is considered neutral when the pH is
The cleaning solution having a pH of 9 is said to be
Enzyme based detergents contain organic substances that assists in the breakdown of
Protein soils and blood
When sorting items in the decontamination area which of the following would require manual cleaning
Powered equipment
A proteolytic enzyme breaks down
Blood soils
Should never be used to remove gross soil on instruments
Before any item with multiple parts is cleaned it must be
Disassembled as directed by the manufacturer
Metal bristle brushes can be used to clean
Tungsten carbide jaws of needle holders
When handling surgical instruments the final rinse in the cleaning process should be performed using
Treated water
Before instruments are processed in an ultrasonic cleaner the
Gross soil should be removed
Powered equipment should be
Cleaned as specified by the manufacturer
Generally fiberoptic light cables should be cleaned
With a soft cloth and detergent
Prior to manually cleaning a flexible endoscope and must be
Leak tested
If used instruments in a basin are not clearly visible which of the following should be used to pick them up
What material can be used as a simple test to check the function of the ultrasonic cleaner
Aluminum foil
On which of the following types of equipment would cleaning verification effectiveness products be used
Mechanical washers
The process that kills most microorganisms but not necessarily spores
High level disinfection
According to Spalding's classification of medical devices, a semi critical item requires which form of disinfection
High level disinfection
Which level of disinfection is needed for the destruction of HIV
Low level disinfection
The ability of a disinfectant to perform "MOST EFFICIENTLY" depends on
Whether it remains wet for the stated amount of time
Sodium hypochlorite belongs to which group of disinfectants
Should never be used as an environmental disinfectant
This chemical requires routine employee monitoring for exposure levels
Will be obvious on an improperly cleaned instrument that has been disinfected in ortho-phthaldehyde
Blue stain
Is not required documentation on high level disinfection records
Whether the item was completely dry