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Very short messages, called updates, posted to a microblogging service that others can read. *****************************************************************************************

mobile wireless Internet access

Internet access via a mobile phone network. ************************************************************************************************


A recorded audio or video file that can be played or downloaded via the Web. *****************************************************************************

satellite Internet access

Fast, direct Internet access via the airwaves and a satellite dish. ******************************************************************************************************

search engine

A software program used by a search site to retrieve matching Web pages from a search database. ************************************************************************************************************

search phrase

Multiple keywords. ************************************************************************************************************************

search site

A Web site designed to help users search for Web pages that match specified keywords or selected categories. *******************************************************************************************

social networking site

A site that enables a community of individuals to communicate and share information. **************************************************************************************************************************

text messaging

A way of exchanging real-time typed messages with other individuals via a cellular network and, typically, cell phones. *********************************************************************************************************

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)

The process of placing telephone calls via the Internet or data network. *****************************************************************************************************************

Web conference

A face-to-face meeting that takes place via the Web. ***********************************************************************************************************************


A seminar presented via the Web. ************************************************************************************************************

Wi-Fi hotspot

A location that provides wireless Internet access to the public. ********************************************************************************************************


A collaborative Web page that is designed to be edited and republished by a variety of individuals. **************************************************************************************************************

The Internet Society (ISOC)

Provides leadership in addressing issues that may impact the future of the Internet. It also oversees the groups responsible for Internet infrastructure standards, such as determining the protocols that can be used and how Internet addresses are constructed, as well as facilitating and coordinating Internet-related initiatives around the world.

ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers)

Coordinates activities related to the Internet’s naming system, such as IP address allocation and domain name management. ********************************************************************************************************

The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C)

An international community of over 450 organizations dedicated to developing new protocols and specifications to be used with the Web and to ensure its interoperability.

Infrastructure companies

The enterprises that own or operate the paths or “roadways” along which Internet data travels, such as the Internet backbone and the communications networks connected to it. Examples include conventional and mobile phone companies, cable companies, and satellite Internet providers.

The concept of Net Neutrality

Refers to the idea that the Internet is designed for all content to be treated equally. ********************************************************************************************************

domain names

A text-based Internet address used to uniquely identify a computer on the Internet. ********************************************************************************************************