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Hindu's ultimate goal in life?
Join the soul to brahman
1 resut of Mauryan Empire
Spread Buddhism throughout India
Buddhist beliefs
Believed selfish desires cause suffering & achieving nirvana (a peaceful state of mind)
Indus Valley civilization
farming and rich soil
Characteristics of Aryan society
Nomadic lifestyle, Hinduism, and caste system (organizing society by levels)
A strength of the Han Empire
Confucianism helped with empire stability
Characteristic of China & its history
Natural barriers (oceans, deserts, mountains)& Silk Road trade route
Mountain range in northern India
Ganges & Indus Rivers
Flooded causing rich soil excellent for farming
belief of not injuring any living thing
Asoka (Chandragupta's grandson)
Started Buddhism
Zhou dynasty
preserved & spread Shang's accomplishments
Lao-tzu belief
order & harmony came from observing nature