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Wrote Iliad and odyssey during and after Trojan War and lived in the 700's B.C.
Military formation in which foot soldiers stood so that their shields overlapped.
Battle during Persian Wars and the Persians won the general was Lionides
Darius 1
King of persia failed to take over greek city-states
greek city-states and Asia Minor
Temple to worship Athena (goddess of Athens)
where minoans began
What are Bards?
Singing story tellers
What age were Spartan men allowed to retire from army?
At the age of 60
A fortified hill
What is a public square for meetings called?
It is an Agora
Head god
Hellen of Troy
Wife of the Micenian king and falls in love with a Trojan prince named Paris and is talked about in the Iliad.
Why is the period between 461 B.C. to 429 B.C. called the Golden Age
because most Greek Achievements in the arts and sciences took place in Athens during this time
describes Draco's LAW
pushed for reforms and extended citizenship
undesired politition
rule by a cruel and unjust man.
conquered city-states of Ionia
How did Solon promote the growth of industry in Athens.
by ordering fathers to teach their sons a skill and by extending citizenship to foreigners who would settle in Athens as skilled artisans.
What years did the Minoan civilization flourish.
from about 2500B.C.- 1450B.C.
How were Greek goods transported.
by ship and sea trade
Athens was defeated by an alliance led by_______
What is the Spartan Society noted for
A mountain pass north of Athens were the Greek army set up a delaying action against the Persians.
Trojan horse
Greek soldiers hid in the belly of a hollow wooden horse. they hid in there and defeated the Trojans
peninsula where Athens is located
they were based on their military but many olympic athletes came from there
Delion League
anti-persian alliance
why was trade and communications difficult in Greece
the mountains
which group of women were allowed greatest participation in Athenian Public
The Metic
before 500 B.C. Greek city-states extended citizenship and voting rights to_________
male land owners
ancient Greece included a group of islands and ________
The southern Balcon peninsula
identify the opposing forces in the peloponnesian war and describe two factors that led to the war
war between Sparta and Athens. Sparta jealous of Athens beauty and education. Sparta was mad because Athens was taking money from the Delion League and using it to build up Athens. Athens was led my Pericles
Compare and Contrast the Athenian and Spartan educational systems
Spartans education was based mostly on their military so they were ready for war. Children started training at the age of 7. other than their military they also learned to read and write. The Athenians on the other hand were mostly based on having smart citizens. Their education consisted of arithmetic, geometry, drawing, music, and gymnastics. they were taught by tutors