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With the DP-2 Broad Form ________ is not a covered peril

On a dwelling property form Coverage B Other Structures includes

Private Garage Rented to Others

On dwelling property forms, there is no coverage for vandalism if the dwelling has been vacant for more than

60 Days

An extension of coverage on a dwelling form may be used to provide worldwide personal property coverage for an amount up to __________ % of the coverage


Two additional coverage's provided b Broad and Special Dwelling forms are

Building Collapse

Damage to lawns, trees and plants

Which dwelling form covers the theft of built in fixtures


On an All Risk Property Policy where would you look to determine if a loss is covered


When leaving a fully furnished house to go on an extended vacation, the house is considered to be


An example of a "Hostile Fire" is

a grease fire in the kitchen

If a dwelling covered by the Basic Form suffered $5,000 in damages due to an explosion, a resulting fire that caused $10,000 in damage and $1,000 in water damage from the water used how much would the policy pay?


All is paid because the Explosion is the

"proximate" cause of the fire and water damage

Comprehensive Personal Liability endorsement does what?

it is an endorsement providing liability coverage both on and off the premises