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process analysis

set of tools used to identify opportunities for improvement, document current processes, evaluate processes to find performance gaps, redesign processes, & implement desired changes

process analysis, 6 steps

1. identify opportunity
2. define scope
3. document process
4. evaluate performance
5. redesign process
6. implement changes

4 ways to document the process

1. flowcharts
2. service blueprints
3. process charts
4. time study


traces the flow of info, customers, equipment, & materials thru various steps of a process

swim lane (flow chart)

visual representation that groups functional areas responsible for different sub-processes into lanes

service blueprint (flowchart)

a special flowchart of a service process that shows which steps have high customer contact

process chart

an organized way to document all the activities performed by a person or group

organized by:

time study, 8 steps

1. define task to be studied
2. divide the task into precise elements
3. decide how many times to measure the task
4. time & record element times & rating of performance
5. compute avg observed time
avg = (sum of times recorded to perform each element) / # of observations

6. determine performance rating & normal time

normal time = (avg observed time) * (performance rating factor)
7. add normal times for each element to develop a total normal time for the task
8. compute the standard time
std time = total normal time * (1+allowance factor)

normal time (time study)

time that a trained worker requires to perform the specified task under defined workplace conditions

data analysis tools

-histograms & bar charts
-pareto charts
-scatter diagrams
-cause-and-effect diagrams (fishbone)