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The four primary tissue types are
Epitheleal, Connective, Muscle and Tissue
The embryonic germ layer that is the source of connective tissues and muscle is
What is a collection of similar cells and surrounding substances?
The extracellular material found in connective tissue is called
Extracellular Matrix
Epitheleal tissue is characterized by
tightly packed cells
Epitheleal tissue is distinguished from connective, muscular, or nervous tissue by it's
Basement Membrane
The various types of epithelium are characterized by
Number of cell layers and the shape of the superficial cells
Stratified epithelium consists of:
More than one layer of cells, but only the basal layer attaches the deepest layer to the basement membrane
The epedermis of the skin is composed of
Stratified squamous epithelium, 4-5 layers
Epitheleal tissue that can stretch or is subjected to stress would have many
The type of cell connection that serves as a permeability barrier is a
Tight Junction
Structures that function in intracellular communications are
Gap Junctions
What tissue type forms glands?
Epithelial Tissue
Unlike an exocrine gland, an endocrine gland
release their hormones into their blood and use the circulatory system to deliver their hormones
The secretions of endocrine glands are released directly
into the bloodstream
Glands whose ducts have few branches are called
A gland with branching ducts that end is acini would be classified as
A holocrine gland
involves shedding of entire cells
What type of exocrine gland uses exocytosis to secrete its product
merocrine gland
A thick, sticky secretion produced by goblet cell is called
What type of gland excretes products by secretion into the blood
Endcrine Glands